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How to Schedule an Appointment

Tip Sheet

Using eCheck-in Before Your Visit

Tip Sheet

MyCHArt lets you manage your health care:

  • Send Messages
    • Inbox.  View messages sent by your CHA providers. Reply to these messages.
    • Get medical advice.  Ask your care team non-urgent medical or health care questions.
    • Ask for prescription refills.  Request more of your medicine, in case you run out.
    • Letters.  Read letters shared by your providers.
  • Using eCheck-in Before Your Visit

    If you have a MyCHArt account, you can now use eCheck-in to review and update your information before you come for an in-person visit.

    Your visit will be safer, and you can save time at the registration window when you arrive!

    eCheck-in User Guide: English, Haitian Creole, Portuguese, Spanish

  • Manage Your Visits
    • Upcoming Appointments.  See a list of future CHA appointments.
    • Request an Appointment.  Request a visit at a clinic where you have been seen before.
    • See Visit Summaries. View and download the summary of your visit or hospital stay.
    • Direct Scheduling.  Schedule an upcoming visit for some services.
      • Tip sheets for scheduling in MyCHArt: English
  • Access Your Records

    What is in "My Medical Record"?

    You can view information in your medical record. This includes seeing who is on your Care Team, Preventive Care Topics, Current Health Issues, Medications, Test Results, Allergies, Immunizations, Medical History, and Treatment Plan (Oncology patients only).

    My Medical Record also gives you access to these tools:

    • Health Trends. View lab results over time. Track your child's growth and compare to others in their age group.
    • Download Your Record. You can download a copy of your MyCHArt record to a password protected PDF document.
    • Track My Health. Link a Bluetooth enabled fitness tracker to your MyCHArt account and send automatic health updates to your CHA care team.
    • Content Links. Access educational links from the U.S. National Library of Medicine.
    • Care Everywhere. You can authorize the sharing of your medical record with clinicians outside of CHA. Doctors at other organizations can only access your record to support your ongoing care, such as for an upcoming appointment or to review details from previous appointments.
  • See Test Results

    All your lab results, including imaging and pathology tests, are released to your MyCHArt account immediately after the results are finalized in Epic.

    For tests done during an overnight hospital visit, the results are released when you are discharged from the hospital.

  • Manage a Family Member's Care (Proxy Access)

    Parents, spouses or caregivers can request proxy access to view a patient’s MyCHArt accounts.

    For example, a parent can get proxy access to minor children

    Proxy access for parents expires when their child turns 12 years old. Teenage patients can set up their own MyCHArt account at their doctor’s office.

  • Pay Your Medical Bill

    You can pay your Medical Bill from CHA through MyCHArt.

  • Manage Your Health Care from a Phone or Tablet

    You can download the MyCHArt app for iOS and Android for free. These mobile apps contain a set of select features that are also available in the web-based version of MyCHArt.

    Mobile App features include:

    • Send and Receive Messages
    • View Test Results
    • View Health Summary
    • Appointment Management
    • Medication Refill
    • View and Respond to Questionnaires
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