Staying Well

Education, health tips and support

Being Active

Yoga Classes

Try a yoga class and feel the benefits of stress reduction, physical well-being, and better mental health in a friendly setting.

Learn about CHA Yoga

Walk your way to health

There are so many places to walk and exercise in the greater Boston area. Find a new walking route and get active.

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Eating Well

Learn about healthy eating habits and healthy choices from the experts at CHA. Our "Ditch the Diet" video series has information about blood sugar, food cravings, eating at restaurants and more.

Watch our "Ditch the Diet" Videos on YouTube

Reducing Stress

Melt the Stress Away

Need an easy way to reduce your stress? The CHA Center for Mindfulness & Compassion has free trainings to help you bring more mindfulness into your life.

Learn About our Mindfulness Center

Learn Meditation Techniques

Check out a free online session on Monday evenings. Learn about Mindfulness and Compassion meditations to manage your stress and difficulties.

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Prevention & Screenings

Are you due for a health screening?

People of different ages and different genders need different tests or immunizations to keep them healthy.

See what you need at

Screenings for Children

Parents: you can prevent childhood diseases. Learn about what shots your child needs and when.

Visit the CDC for current vaccine guidelines

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