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MyCHArt gives you online access to your medical record

You can request access to MyCHArt by signing up with your provider and agreeing to this contract. There may be certain parts of your medical record that cannot be accessed through MyCHArt. 

Cambridge Health Alliance is committed to protecting the confidentiality of your medical information. Our employees are subject to strict standards to maintain your confidentiality. By allowing you access to your medical information through MyCHArt, you must share this responsibility.

Please review the MyCHArt terms and and conditions below as well as Cambridge Health Alliance’s Notice of Privacy Practices for more information about MyCHArt and your health information. 

  • I. Use of MyCHArt

    A. Do Not Use MyCHArt for Urgent Health Care Matters. MyCHArt should never be used for urgent health care matters. The anticipated response time to a secure message is two business days.

    If you believe that you are experiencing an urgent or life-threatening health condition, you should phone your physician, go directly to an emergency room or call 911.

    B. Appropriateness. MyCHArt is not an appropriate medium for communicating highly confidential or sensitive medical information or difficult ideas or emotions. You should discuss these topics with your provider in person or by phone.

    C. Responding Provider. If your health care provider is out of the office or unavailable to respond to your secure email message, your message may be routed to another Cambridge Health Alliance provider team member so that we may respond to your message in a timely manner.

    D. Services Available Through MyCHArt. At this time, the MyCHArt web portal will offer the following services:

    • Ability to review or cancel appointments;
    • Ability to view selected portions of your medical record such as allergies, immunizations, medications, certain parts of your medical history, and recent visit information;
    • Communicate with your Cambridge Health Alliance providers regarding health concerns by secure messaging; and
    • Request prescription renewals.

    Other services may be added as Cambridge Health Alliance expands the MyCHArt service.

    E. Messages From Cambridge Health Alliance. Cambridge Health Alliance providers may send you messages via MyCHArt. It is your responsibility to monitor these messages and respond in an appropriate manner. You must provide Cambridge Health Alliance with a valid email address and update Cambridge Health Alliance if you change your email account. Cambridge Health Alliance will send emails to your personal email address to notify you that you have new MyCHArt messages.

    Messages sent to your personal email will not contain personal health information. Nonetheless, any person with access to your email will be able to see this notification. This could include your spouse, employer or anyone else who can access your email account. Although no private medical information will be sent by email, you may not want others to know that you have received new medical information. Thus, you should take this into account when providing an e-mail address.

    F. MyCHArt is for Your Use Only. All messages that are sent through MyCHArt will be regarding your own health care and conditions only. Asking for advice for a friend or family member is not allowed. Since these messages may become a part of your permanent medical record and will be perceived as your health information, it is important that no one else’s information be reflected in your messages.

  • II. Security

    A. Personal Identification Code and Password. You will be given a unique access code by Cambridge Health Alliance to allow you to access MyCHArt. The first time you log into MyCHArt you will be required to create a unique User ID and a unique password, both of which must be at least six characters. You agree to keep your user ID and password confidential. Anyone with access to your user ID and password will have access to your personal health information, and the ability to exchange messages with your providers as if they were you. It is your responsibility to change your password if you believe it has been compromised or shared with someone else. It is recommended that you change your password every 180 days. Cambridge Health Alliance takes no responsibility for and disclaims any and all liability for damages arising from a breach of medical record confidentiality resulting from you sharing or losing your password.

    B. Security Features. We limit Cambridge Health Alliance employees’ access and ability to enter or view information based upon their role in your care. Firewalls, passwords, encryption, and audit trails are further used to safeguard your information. We will identify the records released and note the time and date of access each time you access MyCHArt. We have taken steps to make all information received from our online visitors as secure as possible against unauthorized access and use.

    You can tell when you are secure by looking at the address (URL) field in your web browser. If the URL begins with https:// (instead of http://), the web page comes from a secure server. This means your data cannot be read or deciphered by unauthorized individuals. You can tell whether you are truly connected to Cambridge Health Alliance by viewing the digital certificate. This certificate verifies the connection between the Cambridge Health Alliance server's public key and the server's identification.

  • III. Availability and Restrictions

    MyCHArt may not always be available to you due to system maintenance, back-ups or hardware failures. Access is provided on an “as is available” basis and you are not guaranteed access at any particular time.

  • IV. Terminating MyCHArt Access

    You can terminate your access to MyCHArt at any time by contacting your provider team. If Cambridge Health Alliance discovers that you have inappropriately shared your password or that your have abused your access privileges, Cambridge Health Alliance may terminate your participation in MyCHArt.

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