Resident as Teacher

Residents are expected to supervise, manage and teach as part of their important roles in the residency program. We host a PGY2 retreat at the beginning of the second year to guide this transition.

Additionally, every week until Labor Day, junior and senior residents meet for an hour for faculty development. The topics of discussion cover their responsibilities as teachers and managers. Examples of sessions are: how to debrief with your team, how to give and receive effective feedback, encountering microaggression and upstander training, how to prepare and teach in a journal club, how to recognize and support struggling interns, etc. 

The following topics were covered this year:

  • Setting goals and expectations with your ward team

  • Teaching clinical reasoning

  • How to plan and teach Journal club

  • Giving and receiving effective feedback

  • Debriefing with your team

  • Microaggression and Upstander training

  • Self directed learning

  • Recognizing and supporting struggling learners

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