Outpatient Psychiatry Referrals

How to Get Outpatient Care

Please note: Due to high demand, CHA primary care patients are given top priority for office visits, followed by others who live in Cambridge, Chelsea, Everett, Malden, Revere, Somerville and Winthrop, MA. If you or your child do not meet these criteria, we may be able to help you find another mental health provider near you.

Referrals for Children and Youth

For patients under 18 who have a CHA primary care provider:

Please contact your/your child's CHA provider and ask for a referral to child psychiatry. You can do this by phone or through MyCHArt.

For youth without a CHA primary care provider:

If you/your child attends one of the following schools - Cambridge Rindge and Latin, Everett High School, Malden High School, Somerville High School - please complete our online form for a referral.

If you/your child does not have a CHA primary care provider and does not attend one of the above schools, you may be unable to get an appointment at CHA.

Please see the resources below for helpful information:

Resources for Teens/Families    Apps for Youths


Referrals for Adults

New Patients:

If you are a new patient (not currently in treatment), please call one of our intake lines: 

Adult Outpatient Services: 617-591-6033

Outpatient Addictions Program: 617-591-6051

Current Patients:

For current patients (in treatment), please call your care center or clinican directly. You can also send a request in MyCHArt.

To join CHA for primary care: 

Call 617-665-1305 or complete our easy web form.

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