Tufts Health Together with CHA

Welcome to Tufts Health Together with CHA

Tufts Health Together with CHA is a new MassHealth plan created by Tufts Health Plan and Cambridge Health Alliance. Our goal is to provide seamless, high-quality health care to help you feel your best. Together, we embrace diversity, speak many languages and believe everyone deserves to be treated with dignity.

Member Benefits

Health and Wellness Programs

What is it?
As a member, you have access to online health and wellness programs. For more information on our online programs visit Your Health.

Disease Management Programs

What is it?
Programs to help members deal with health needs like asthma, diabetes, congestive heart failure or COPD. For more information on our disease management programs visit our Disease Management Coaching Programs.

Good Measures

What is it?
Personalized nutrition coaching to help people eat well and get healthier. Members who qualify get personal coaching sessions with a registered dietitian. Just visit tuftshealthtogether.goodmeasures.com to sign up and see if you qualify.

EXTRAS - Discounts for Members

What is it?
You may be eligible for gift cards, a fitness band and other valuable EXTRAS. Visit our Discounts and Perks page for the most up to date information.

Online Health and Wellness Library

What is it?
An extensive online library provided by Tufts Health Plan with information on a broad range of health topics. Visit the Health and Wellness page to find information, tools and assessments to help your family stay healthy.

24/7 NurseLine

What is it?
Nurses who can answer your health questions about symptoms, medications, procedures or other health needs. For questions you can call 888-MY-RN-LINE (888-697-6546).

What is an ACO?

An ACO is a team of doctors and health care providers led by your primary care provider (PCP). This team’s mission is to give you high-quality care and help you meet your health goals.

In an ACO, your PCP works closely with other ACO doctors to give you:

  • Easy access to the right specialists at the right time
  • Tools to better control illnesses like asthma and diabetes
  • Health care as it should be: focused on your health

Learn more about the Cambridge Health Alliance ACO.

Questions/ Need help?

To learn more about ACO health plans, call MassHealth at 800.841.2900 or visit MassHealthChoices.com.

To learn more about Tufts Health Together with CHA, visit TuftsHealthTogether.com/CHA or call 888.257.1985 (TTY: 711).