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Child Psychiatry Outpatient Referral
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Child / Adolescent Psychiatry Form

Our intake team will review your referral and contact you about treatment options.

The CHA Department of Psychiatry offers comprehensive mental health services for all ages and in many languages.

Every day we evaluate and treat people with medical and psychological problems, developmental impairments, learning, emotional or behavioral disorders and/or addiction concerns.

People who come here find a world-class team that cares deeply about their health. We focus on diagnosis, treatment and recovery and we have a passion for serving people in greatest need.

You will find our services in our hospitals and clinic settings, including our primary care centers. We also have strong community connections that emphasize prevention and wellness.

We are proud to be a primary teaching site for Harvard Medical School. More than 400 of our staff are on the Harvard faculty; serving patients, teaching students, mentoring trainees and conducting important research.

    CHA Inpatient Psychiatry

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  • Inpatient Hospital Care - all ages

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  • Opioid Use Disorder Help Line

    P: (617) 591-6000
  • Outpatient Addictions

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  • Outpatient Care for Adults

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  • Outpatient Care for Children

    P: (617) 665-3458