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CHA has a new option for people with back pain - a Virtual Back Pain Clinic. This gives  our patients quick access to evaluations and referrals.  

Our Services 

The Virtual Back Pain Clinic provides 30-minute evaluations from an Orthopedic-trained Physician Assistant (PA) during a televisit. You can usually get an appointment in 1-2 days, giving you quicker access to any care and referrals you need. 


  • Convenient telehealth visits from a Physician Assistant trained in back pain issues
  • Quick evaluations let you start your treatment right away
  • Skip the Emergency Room and Emergency Room costs

Get An Appointment

To schedule a visit, please call or message your CHA primary care office today. 

*Please note that the Virtual Back Pain Clinic is for CHA patients only.

Video: About the Virtual Back Pain Clinic

Watch our video to learn more from our Orthopedic-trained PA's.

Call your primary care office to schedule an appointment with the Virtual Back Pain Clinic.

Meet Our Team

gavin, casey_250x250.pngCasey Gavin, PA-C

Nicolas Sluyter-Beltao, PA-CNicolas Sluyter-Beltrao, PA-C

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The CHA Back Pain Clinic is fully virtual. This means that all visits are Telehealth visits. Meet with one of our Orthopedic-trained PA's over the phone or through a video visit, allowing us to provide early care and quicker access to pain relief. 

Services We Offer

  • Evaluations from Orthopedic-trained PA's
  • Next day, 30 minute telehealth visits
  • Receive referrals without going to the Emergency Room
  • Quick access to back pain relief
  • For CHA Primary Care patients only

Conditions We Treat

  • Acute back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Low back/lumbar pain
  • Thorasic back pain
  • Cervical back pain
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