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  • Primary Care: I want to become a New Patient

    If you haven't had a Primary Care visit at CHA in three years or more, you will need to make a new patient visit.

    By phone:

    Call 617-665-1305 between 8:30 AM - 5 PM.

    • Please have your insurance card ready.
    • Our Doctor Finder Service will help find the best fit for your needs.
    By email:
  • Primary Care: Already a Patient

    If you haven't had a Primary Care visit at CHA in three years or more, you will need to make a new patient visit.

    Call your CHA primary care center directly:
    CHA Broadway Care Center    P: 617-284-7000
    CHA Cambridge Family Health North   P: 617-575-5570
    CHA Cambridge Pediatrics    P: 617-665-1264
    CHA East Cambridge Care Center    P: 617-665-3000
    CHA Everett Care Center    P: 617-394-7702
    CHA Malden Family Medicine Center    P: 781-338-0500
    CHA Primary Care, Cambridge Hospital    P: 617-665-1068
    CHA Primary Care, Somerville Campus    P: 617-591-6300
    CHA Revere Care Center    P: 781-485-8222
    CHA Somerville Pediatrics    P: 617-591-4440
    CHA Union Square Family Health    P: 617-665-3370
    CHA Windsor Street Care Center    P: 617-665-3600

    Or make a telehealth visit in MyCHArt:

    Just log in to MyCHArt and click "schedule an appointment". You can search and select a telehealth visit with your care team. Your care team will tell you if this is a phone or video visit. 

  • Behavioral Health and Psychiatry

    Please note: Due to high demand, CHA primary care patients are given top priority for office visits, followed by others who live in Cambridge, Chelsea, Everett, Malden, Revere, Somerville and Winthrop, MA. If you or your child do not meet these criteria, we may be able to help you find another mental health provider near you.

    New Patients (not currently in treatment):

    Psychiatry, Adult Outpatient    P: 617-591-6033
    Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent    P: 617-665-3458
    Outpatient Addictions Program     P: 617-591-6051

    CHA primary care patients:
       You can also contact your primary care center and ask for a referral to the behavioral health team.

    Current Patients (in treatment):

    Please call your care center or clinican directly. You can also send a request in MyCHArt.

    CHA outpatient psychiatry clinics are located at CHA Cambridge Hospital (Macht Building), CHA Central Street Care Center, CHA Everett Hospital, and CHA Revere Care Center.

  • Specialty, Lab, and Radiology Visits
    Please call your specialty center directly:
    Dental Center    P: 617-665-3990
    Eye Center, Malden    P: 781-338-8989
    Eye Center, Somerville    P: 617-591-4949
    Lab (blood and urine tests)    P: 617-665-2522  (CHA patients only)
    Medical Specialties, all sites    P: 617-665-1552
    OB/GYN, Cambridge    P: 617-665-2800
    OB/GYN, Revere    P: 781-485-8200
    OB/GYN, Somerville    P: 617-591-4800
    Occupational Health    P: 617-591-4660
    Orthopaedics (Bone and Joint), all sites    P: 617-665-1566
    Radiology and Imaging, all sites    P: 617-665-1298
    Rehabilitation (PT, OT, Speech/language)    P: 617-591-4600
    Surgical Specialties, all sites P: 617-665-2555
  • COVID-19 Testing or Vaccines

    Visit our COVID-19 alert page for current details on where to get tested.

    Visit our COVID Vaccine page for details on how to get a vaccine. 

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