Malden Patient Advisory Council

Mission Statement

To help make Cambridge Health Alliance a place of collaborative care and mutual respect for both patients and staff by empowering patients to access care, information and support in ways that allow them to actively pursue wellness.

Join the Malden Patient Advisory Council and help us improve patient experiences and wellness. We invite you to share your ideas and what it’s like for you to receive care. Your voice matters to us. Join Malden Patient Advisory Council and make a difference.

When: Fourth Wednesday of every month, 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.

Where: CHA Malden Family Medicine Center, first floor conference room

How: Contact Tara Gray at 781-338-8916 or

Why are you interested in becoming a Patient Advisory Council Member?

"When I heard about Patient Advisory Council through my Primary Care Physician, the opportunity sounded interesting to me. Once I learn what it consist of, I was excited to go to the meeting in order to use my skills to help. The first meeting was outstanding and I had the opportunity to meet a great team who made me feel like coming back again and becoming a member. I have learned that PAC is dedicated to the improvement of quality care to patient, by generating new ideas to improve the standard care."

Download and fill out this form to apply for a place on the Patient Advisory Council in Malden.

"I know that being a member of the team will enable me to share my perspective as a patient and a family member, to help improve how we at the CHA deliver care. My goal is to use constructive input that only patients and family member can provide that can help future patient experience even higher levels of satisfaction. I feel great knowing that I can make a difference in somebody’s well being. I would definitely encourage anyone who is qualified to join PAC, because it is very beneficial and empowering for yourself as well as the patient you represent."

"I joined PAC because I do believe that patients have the right to become more involved in their own health care and make decisions that promote their health. I love being part of this unique team. Toward a successful Malden Family Medicine Clinic, please join our friendly and diverse team that respects all different cultures."

"I wanted to give back. And what better way to serve my community than to help my neighbors get the best and most responsive healthcare available. Our patient feedback and special projects make CHA Malden a better clinic for everyone."

"I am happy to be here because it’s working. It’s a start. PAC gives me a chance to express my opinion about my care. I appreciate that – it’s marvelous. It really is."

"Because I know working together is very good, which helps us get good ideas for better solutions. The most important thing for me is that we are a multi-ethnic group meeting together. We can confidentially identify the problems and discuss together. That means the result is going to be a benefit for all people at the same time. This will mean MFMC can provide better service in the future for a healthy and rigorous community. This is all a result of the MFMC staff and the Patient Advisory Council. That’s why I joined the Patient Advisory Council."

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