Specialty Pharmacy

What is the CHA Outpatient Specialty Pharmacy?

The CHA Outpatient Specialty Pharmacy is a different kind of pharmacy. We are part of your care team. Just as your doctor is a specialist that understands your health, we specialize in medications that treat your complex health needs.

How we help

Specialty pharmacy staff are here to help you understand your health condition. You can call us anytime with a question or concern - on weekdays, weekends or even in the middle of the night.

We answer questions and help you in many ways, such as:

  • Explaining how to take your medication
  • Helping you understand your side effects
  • Checking your dosage and medication schedules
  • Reminding you when it’s time to refill
  • Helping you stay on therapy
  • Setting up new routines if needed
  • Helping you with insurance claims and financial assistance

We make it easy to get your prescriptions

In person: You can come to the CHA Outpatient Specialty Pharmacy in person (at CHA Cambridge Hospital).

Delivery: You can have your medications delivered to your home, office or another location.

Refill: It's easy to order refills using our online system.

Tracking your medications

You may get a reminder phone call when it is time to renew a medication. This way you never run out of medications you need.

Contact your Specialty Pharmacy team

Your care team is always available to provide personalized support when you need it. You can contact a pharmacist or support staff specially trained in your condition 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Just call 866-319-8257.

Providers can enroll their patients using this enrollment form: Specialty Pharmacy Enrollment Form

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  • CHA Pharmacy

    1493 Cambridge Street Cambridge, MA 02139

    Specialty Pharmacy:
    (p) 866-319-8257

    Pharmacy at Cambridge Hospital:
    (p) 617-665-1438
    (f) 617-665-1148

    Pharmacy at East Cambridge Care Center:
    (p) 617-499-6690
    (f) 617-499-6691

    Pharmacy at Malden Care Center:
    (p) 781-338-8990
    (f) 781-338-8991