• Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Seminar:  This weekly seminar covers core topics on Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry.
  • Integrated Care Journal Club:  This monthly seminar covers core topics on Collaborative Care.

Clinical Sites

Clinical work occurs at Cambridge Hospital and Everett Hospital and in CHA primary care clinics.


Supervision in the Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Fellowship at Cambridge Health Alliance focuses on:

  • Advancing the fellow's knowledge base and manner of practice in clinical care.
  • Guiding the fellow in self-education and academic pursuits.
  • Enhancing the fellow's ability to work effectively with multidisciplinary health care professionals.
  • Cultivating the fellow's professional identity.

Supervision is provided:

  • Through discussion with attendings and at the bedside in daily rounds.
  • Through additional elective supervision with other members of the department faculty.


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