Training in the Department of Psychiatry

Welcome to the Department of Psychiatry at Cambridge Health Alliance, one of the affiliated Departments of Psychiatry of Harvard Medical School.

Our department shares a strong commitment to excellence in clinical education, striving to offer the finest public-academic training experience in the nation. We achieve this by providing a wide range of inpatient, outpatient, and community experiences that offer a rich diversity of learning opportunities.

Our programs are guided by a team of dedicated and highly skilled clinician-educators who are passionate about teaching, learning, patient care and our community. They serve as mentors and supervisors, ensuring that you receive the highest quality of education and training.

We believe in fostering a supportive and collaborative learning environment that nurtures the growth and development of our trainees.

Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to develop core competencies and leadership skills in empirically supported care for a broad range of behavioral health disorders. We emphasize cultural responsiveness within a public healthcare environment. Through a combination of didactic sessions, hands-on clinical experiences and elective opportunities, you will acquire the knowledge, skills and expertise to excel in the field of psychiatry. Our curriculum provides theoretical foundations, evidence-based practices, practical application, and specialized areas of focus, ensuring that you graduate as a competent and compassionate clinician capable of delivering exceptional care to diverse populations.

We are proud to be one of the Departments of Psychiatry within Harvard Medical School, which further enhances our educational offerings. Our close collaboration with this prestigious institution allows us to tap into a wealth of resources and expertise, providing you with a truly exceptional learning experience. We aim to produce graduates who become leaders in public, community and academic behavioral health service systems, delivering the highest quality clinical care while advancing the field through clinical innovation research, and training.

We invite you to explore our website further to learn more about our programs, faculty, clinical sites and the many exciting opportunities that await you. We are confident that Cambridge Health Alliance, in partnership with Harvard Medical School, will provide you with an exceptional foundation for a successful career.

Our Commitment to Diversity

The Department of Psychiatry embraces diversity and inclusion as vital pillars in our training programs, recognizing their pivotal role in addressing healthcare inequities and disparities. As a Harvard-affiliated academic Department of Psychiatry within a safety net healthcare organization, our commitment to fostering a diverse clinician workforce is driven by the understanding that it enhances our ability to meet the unique needs of marginalized patients and all patients alike.

We firmly believe that diversity and inclusion are powerful tools in the pursuit of eliminating healthcare inequities and disparities. By nurturing a diverse learning environment, we equip our trainees with the skills and perspectives needed to provide compassionate, patient-centered care that addresses the specific challenges faced by underserved and minoritized communities.

We sincerely want any who were affected by affirmative action to know that we are glad you are here and you belong here. The recent SCOTUS ruling on affirmative action in college admissions may prevent many from applying or feeling they belong.

We celebrate the contributions of all our trainees and recognize the importance of creating opportunities for talented individuals from all backgrounds. Affirmative action has played a critical role in fostering diversity, and we affirm that everyone deserves an equal chance to thrive in our programs. Research has consistently shown that healthcare provided by racially diverse care teams or by clinicians trained in diverse environments leads to improved outcomes, particularly for patients from minoritized backgrounds. We are dedicated to cultivating a racially diverse care team and providing training experiences that enrich our trainees' understanding of cultural nuances and diverse perspectives.

We actively implement our values of diversity, inclusion and justice in all our recruitment and retention activities for both trainees and faculty. We seek to create a supportive and affirming environment where individuals from all backgrounds feel welcomed, valued, and empowered to contribute meaningfully to our academic and clinical missions.

By fostering a diverse and inclusive learning environment, we strengthen our capacity to deliver patient-centered, evidence-based care. 

We recognize that health disparities cannot be adequately addressed without acknowledging and confronting the systemic inequities that exist within our society and healthcare system. Our dedication to diversity and inclusion is rooted in a deep commitment to social justice, and we actively strive to be agents of positive change in the field of psychiatry and mental health care.

Learn More: Visit our CHA Diversity in Academics page

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