The following salary and benefits are set out in the collective bargaining agreement negotiated between the Committee of Interns and Residents/SEIU and Cambridge Health Alliance.


Training Year Current Salary eff. 7/1/23
PGY 1 $68,811
PGY 2 $71,564
PGY 3 $74,360
PGY 4 $78,545
PGY 5 $82,774
PGY 6 $87,661
PGY 7 $91,529

Orientation Pay: All incoming House Officers required to attend Orientation prior to July 1 of each year shall be compensated at the appropriate PGY level.

Professional Education Stipend (non-taxable)

House Officers are paid $1,900 annually, dental House Officers are paid $2,050 annually, and fellows are paid $2,200 annually.

This stipend may be used to defray the costs of conferences, textbooks, journals, board fees, necessary computer hardware, or other such items as approved by the appropriate Program Director. Any unused portion of the stipend may be accrued to subsequent year(s) of training.

Podiatry Professional Education Stipend

Podiatry House Officers are paid $1,900 annually. In addition they will receive reimbursement up to $3,000 for cost of tuition, travel, lodging, and meals to attend the Foot and Ankle Arthroscopy Surgical Skills Course once during the 3 years of training.

Lease Guaranty Program

CHA guarantees the payment of: (i) rent under the lease; and (ii) the cost of repair of any damages to the premises by the tenant up to $6,500 or an amount equal to two months' rent, whichever is less.

Health Insurance

Full and comprehensive health insurance for inpatient and outpatient care. Hospital pays 90% of premium if you choose CHA option; otherwise Hospital pays 80%.

Dental Insurance

Fully employer paid dental insurance covering 100% of the cost of most basic services. Spouses, children and domestic partners are all eligible to receive coverage at no cost to the house officer.

Optical Benefit

Fully employer paid optical benefit, covering the full cost of one yearly eye exam, and prescription glasses or contacts. Spouses, children and domestic partners are all eligible to receive coverage at no cost to the house officer.

Disability Insurance

Fully employer paid short and long term disability coverage.

Malpractice Insurance

$5 Million/$10 Million; moonlighting covered for PGY2 and above.


$65 per month in on-site CHA Cambridge Hospital Line Street Lot and at other CHA work sites.

Exam Reimbursement

Up to $1,000/year reimbursement for cost of USMLE Step III, NBPME Part III, or COMLEX Level 3 exam; up to $550 one-time reimbursement to Dental residents for Federal DEA registration.

Emergency Coverage Pay

For Medicine, $250/weeknight, $350/weekend day, $450 weekend/holiday overnight. For Family Medicine, $100/call to cover home call at CHA Everett Hospital. If required to come into hospital, Medicine rates apply. For Podiatry, $50/hour if called to serve as 1st assist in OR for non-foot/ankle surgery.

Sick Time

15 days per year; accrued from year to year.

Taxi Vouchers

Taxi vouchers are provided to all House Officers who are required for any training or service purpose to travel between the hospital and the required offsite location. Vouchers are also available to House Officers who park at CHA, but are too fatigued to drive home safely after prolonged or off-hours shifts.

Child Care

CHA pays the annual fee for House Officers to utilize, a backup in-home childcare service. House officers pay only the hourly provider rate. Check out for more information.

On Call Meals

House Officers are provided with a refrigerator stocked with food of their choice in the on-call room of CHA Cambridge Hospital and CHA Everett Hospital for on-call dinners and breakfasts.

Other Members-Only Benefits

All CIR members are eligible to receive discounted membership to the Boston Sports Clubs. Members will receive a 40% reduction in both monthly and joining fees. Other members-only benefits include: Brooks Brothers, DRB Student Loan, Kaplan Medical, ID Theft Solutions, InsMed, Medelita, Post-Residency Contract Review, and Wolters Kluwer. For more info, click here.

Patient Care Fund

CHA Provides CIR with $45,000 per year for the CIR Patient Care Fund. This fund, run by a committee of House Officers, provides grants for items and services that will improve patient care but are not funded in the standard hospital budget.

CIR Membership Dues

All CHA interns, residents and fellows are represented by the Committee of Interns and Residents (CIR) and are covered by the CIR union contract and negotiated benefits outlined above. Members of CIR pay dues in the amount of 1.5% of their gross salary. These dues are determined annually by the full CIR membership and thus may increase or decrease. House officers who choose not to be members are required by state law to contribute an “agency fee” (also deducted weekly), which is calculated based on the cost of negotiating and enforcing their contract. These dues are tax deductible.

For more information on CIR and a copy of the complete CIR CHA House Officer Contract, please contact Liliana Gutmann-McKenzie at or 857-408-3701 (cell).

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