Equity in Our Community

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Equity work at CHA and within the larger community:

Diversity Council

CHA's Diversity Council is a cross-departmental group that works to further CHA’s goal of providing community-based, patient-centered care by promoting knowledge of the community’s culture. The council promotes a welcoming environment to patients and staff from all backgrounds by sponsoring events and activities including Black History Month, National Hispanic Heritage Month, International Deaf Awareness Week and forming a LGBTQ affinity group. For more information about the CHA Diversity Council, contact Avlot Quessa.

Social Justice Committee

The Social Justice Coalition (SJC) is a grassroots, inter-professional group started by CHA trainees to promote health justice in our community. They have worked to organize a number of educational and advocacy events at CHA, and have organized participant groups for larger demonstrations, such as the March For Our Lives and the Women's March.

Patient Advisory Council

The Patient Advisory Council (PAC) at Malden FMC is made up of patient representatives and clinic staff, including front desk and resident and faculty clinical providers. PAC's mission is to promote collaborative care and mutual respect among patients and staff. PAC incorporates the voices of patients in a variety of initiatives to further culturally competent care. For more information about PAC, contact Tara Gray.

Malden Community

Malden is a Gateway Community; which is a region that has historically been home to immigrants and working class residents. Malden continues to grow in ethnic, racial and linguistic diversity with many people emigrating from Asia, Africa, South & Central America and the Caribbean. Over half of the Malden population speaks a language other than English at home. Other common languages spoken include, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Haitian Creole, Vietnamese & Arabic. For more information regarding the Malden Population and the Social Influences of Health in Malden please see the Wellbeing of Malden Report created by Cambridge Health Alliance and the Malden Department of Public Health.

For more information see the Wellbeing of Malden Report.

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