Curriculum Overview

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Our 3-year curriculum lets you choose the direction in which to grow.

Curriculum Components

The outpatient curriculum is built around robust team-based primary care with integrated population health, complex care management, behavioral health, and addictions services. The inpatient experience is a mix of community and tertiary care hospitals throughout Boston to provide a rigorous medical foundation. Our longitudinal Leadership and Improvement Science Curriculum grows residents to be leaders who are experts in change management. Our wellness curriculum moves health care past just the treatment of disease by promoting self-care in residents, patients, and staff.


In addition to all major specialties participating in our training program, residents can select Areas of Concentration in Maternity Care, Hospital Medicine, Sports Medicine, Integrative Health, Research/Scholarly Activity, Reproductive Health, Community Health, Geriatrics, Patient-Centered Medical Home, and five other concentrations. We also have addictions training and multiple group visit programs.

First Year

As a first year resident, you develop your diagnostic and therapeutic skills, under careful supervision, on each traditional inpatient service. You learn the capabilities of a busy community hospital as well as a tertiary medical center in Boston. You also care for your own patients at the Family Medicine Center in Malden. From the beginning, we place a strong emphasis on behavioral medicine with seminars and weekly support groups with members of your residency class.

Second Year

As a Second-year resident, you enter increasingly into the role of Family Physician. Office hours increase and many of the rotations focus on ambulatory care with opportunities to improve your procedural skills. Your experience in your "laboratory for learning" helps you to be an efficient, caring Family Physician. A practice management seminar brings your class together to prepare for your future.

Third Year

Finally, as a third-year resident, you refine your skills while preparing for the transition to practice. Faculty advisors assist in problem-solving. You function with more autonomy than previously. You have the opportunity to be Chief Resident, working closely with the full-time faculty as liaison for the residents. You will also have the opportunity to work in a diverse variety of private family physicians' offices to help you make choices concerning your future career after graduation.


CHA Everett Hospital houses our primary inpatient teaching service. This busy community hospital serves the 200,000 residents of Everett, Revere, Chelsea, Winthrop, and Malden. We are the only hospital in this five-city area and are proud to provide high-quality health care to people from the entire metro-North region. Given the extremely diverse and under-served population in this region we see an incredible breadth of pathology including rare tropical diseases from our robust recent immigrant population. As the only resident service in the hospital our team is on the front lines without distraction or competition from other trainees.

The inpatient team is comprised of a third year, a second year and two first year family medicine residents. To optimize the balance of inpatient and outpatient teaching as well as protecting didactic time, we’ve build a night hospitalist float system. The service is attended by a dedicated faculty member who has no other responsibilities during that week to ensure the highest level of supervision, teaching and direct observation. To leverage our phenomenal teachers from both our own family medicine program as well as our stellar internal medicine colleagues (CHA also has a Harvard Affiliated Internal Medicine Residency Program) we alternate attendings weekly so each team gets to work with an internal medicine attending and a family medicine attending for each 2-week team cycle.

In rounds teaching happens daily on the service further bolstered by weekly didactic teaching from our own team and our specialist colleagues. We practice what we preach having faculty who are international leaders in information mastery and evidence-based medicine, we bring that to life everyday in our clinical practice.


This first year rotation at CHA Everett Hospital is a 2 week learning experience in adult critical care medicine in a community hospital setting. This rotation exposes residents to commonly seen ICU illnesses and involves presenting cases during critical care rounds, bedside physical examination with the utilization of POCUS as needed, reviewing radiology imaging, and discussing the daylong evolution of treatment plans and patient care decisions with the critical care team.

Emergency Medicine

As first and second year residents you will train at our CHA Everett Hospital campus, a busy suburban emergency department that averages 50,000 visits annually (about 10% of patients require medical admission/transfer, and about 2% require psychiatric admission/transfer). Supervised by experienced emergency medicine physicians, you will be involved in the diagnosis and treatment of acute problems and emergencies. Second year residents rotate at Winchester Pediatric Emergency Department where residents work one-on-one with Pediatric Emergency Physicians from Boston Children’s Hospital, the top Children’s hospital in the world.

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Office Practice (Family Medicine Center) (per week)

Range: 1-5 half day sessions

Range: 2-6 half day sessions

Range: 2-6 half day sessions

Overnight Call (average)

2-3 weeks night float

15 weekends per year and
6 weeks of twice weekly (all from home)
3 OB rotation calls

15 weekends per year and
6 weeks of twice weekly (all from home)

Rotations (in week)

Intro to FM /Office Practice (July 2) – (January-2)
Inpatient Adult Medicine (EH) – 12
Medicine ICU (EH) – 2
OB (CH) – 3 (BI) – 2
Inpatient Pediatrics (LGH) –3
Adolescent Medicine- (SBHC) - 3
Developmental/Behavioral Pediatrics (TMC) – 2
Nursery (TMC) – 2
Ortho (CHA)-2
Patient Centered Medical Home (CHA) – 3
Surgery – 3
Gynecology – 3
Emergency Medicine (EH) – 4
Vacation – 4

Senior Launch- 2 weeks in July
Inpatient Adult Medicine (EH) – 8
Emergency Medicine (EH) – 4
Obstetrics (CH) – 3
Surgery – 1
Orthopaedics (CHA) – 4
Outpatient Pediatrics – 3
Office Practice (Family Medicine Center) – 22
Vacation – 4
Health Equity (CHA) - 4

Inpatient Adult Medicine (EH) – 6
Pediatric Emergency Medicine (WH) – 4
Elective – 8
Office Practice (Family Medicine Center) – 30
Vacation – 4

Longitudinal Experiences

Professional Development
Integrative Medicine

Community Medicine
Procedural Medicine (office derm, gyn, etc.)
Integrative Medicine
Internal Medicine Subspecialties
Surgical Subspecialties
Teaching Skills
Information Mastery

Procedural Medicine (office derm, gyn, Sports Medicine)
Integrative Medicine
Internal Medicine Subspecialties
Surgical Subspecialties
Practice Management
Leadership/ Executive Skills/ Org. Effectiveness
Academic Project
Areas of Concentration

BI = Beth Israel, Boston, MA
CH = Cambridge Hospital, Cambridge, MA
EH = Everett Hospital, Everett, MA
SBHC= School Based Health Center at Malden High School
LGH= Lowell General Hospital
WH = Winchester Hospital, Winchester, MA

First Year courses

Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics, Neonatal Resuscitation and Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Second Year courses

Advanced Cardiac Life Support

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Teaching hospital of: