Focal Cryoablation

Treat prostate cancer with reduced risk of side effects

Focal Cryoablation Therapy is a state-of-the-art technique that targets cancer. It is so precise, we can destroy prostate cancer cells without removing the prostate. This minimizes the risks of embarrassing side effects like erectile dysfunction or urine leakage.

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The only hospital in New England using Focal Cryoablation for prostate cancer

CHA surgeons use needle-thin probes guided by MRI to target small tumors without damaging healthy tissue.

Watch our video explaining focal cryoablation from an internationally-known Urologist

Dr. Louis Liou explains how focal cryoablation can help men with prostate cancer

Is Focal Cryoablation right for you?

It depends on your specific cancer. Doctors have used this procedure for breast, colon and kidney cancer for quite some time. Dr. Louis Liou has been using it for prostate cancer for more than 10 years, and is the only Urologist in Massachusetts trained in its use.

Focal Cryoablation is a great choice for men with:

  • small, localized prostate tumors
  • recurring prostate cancer that was previously treated with radiation

Men with multiple prostate tumors may have the more aggressive or highest grade tumor treated.

What are the benefits and side effects?

The primary benefit is the removal of cancer, typically with little or no side effects. While the long-term benefits and risks of focal therapy are not fully known, we have seen positive outcomes for CHA patients for more than 10 years.

Other considerations

Choosing the right treatment is a personal choice. You should make your decision with your family and your doctor, based on your specific medical needs and lifestyle. It is also important to know the costs of any procedure. So please check with your insurance company to learn if Focal Cryoablation is covered.

After Focal Therapy, follow-up care will involve routine doctor visits and may involve routine PSA tests and biopsies.

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