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The CHA Hearing Center has everything you need - from advanced hearing tests to the latest surgical procedures. Our Audiologists and Otolaryngologists are able to diagnose and treat even the most severe ear disorders. 

Offices in Cambridge and Everett. Call 617-665-2555 today.

What are Assistive Hearing Devices?

Assistive Hearing Devices are personal hearing tools that can dramatically improve the lives of people who are hard of hearing. Our ENT surgical team offers two different procedures - Cochlear Implants and Bone Anchoring Hearing Devices, to patients who qualify.

Cochlear Implants 

A cochlear implant is an electronic device that stimulates the auditory nerve in your ear to help people interpret sound. One part of the device is implanted under the skin behind the ear, and another part fits around the outside of the ear. The two parts connect like magnets and transmit signals to the brain. Cochlear implants do not restore a person's hearing, but can help a severely deaf person perceive sound and speech.

After surgery, patients will need extensive rehabilitation mostly with Speech/Language Pathologists. 90% of patients who complete the rehab are able to speak on the phone, without visual cues, two years after getting the implant.

Watch the video to learn more about cochlear implants and the implant journey from Dr. Shao and his patient Paige Miller, a cochlear implant recipient.

Bone Anchored Hearing Devices

A bone anchored hearing device works like other hearing devices, but is fixated onto the skull instead of the ear canal. The device delivers sound to the inner ear by vibrating the skull bone through a pair of magnets. This device has both internal and external parts. The external part is easily removable for patients.

The device has three parts:

  • A titanium screw that's fixated onto the skull
  • An implantable piece that is attached to the titanium screw
  • A removable, external electronic processor that delivers sound signals to the internal piece via a pair of magnets over the skin

This type of hearing device is for patients who have severe outer or middle ear hearing loss or deafness in one ear. It is most effective for patients who have one fully functioning inner ear.

Watch the video to learn more about BAHA implants and the implant journey from Dr. Shao and his patient Dr. Robert Janett, a BAHA implant recipient and CHA Physician.

Your Assistive Hearing Devices Team

Your Assistive Hearing Devices Team

Weiru Shao, MD, PhD

Dr. Weiru Shao is an Otolaryngologist who specializes in the ears and hearing loss and performs ear implants. Dr. Shao is a top ear disorder expert, fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese, who sees patients at both CHA Cambridge and CHA Everett Hospital.

Learn more about Dr. Shao

Meet our CHA Audiologists

Meet our CHA Audiologists, Megan Brady and Bibesh Shrestha, and learn how they are a part of your Hearing Center Care Team!

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