Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC)

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PFAC members are committed volunteer patients, family members and Cambridge Health Alliance employees who receive or have received care at CHA.

PFAC members provide ideas, input, and insights to guide research projects. Members bring their experience in partnering with their healthcare team and sharing their unique points of view. The issues raised are shared with CHA's leadership and staff to improve services, programs and processes that have an impact on the experience patients have at CHA.

We are a voice for the diverse patients in our service area of Cambridge, Somerville and Boston’s Metro North region (Chelsea, Everett, Medford, Malden, Revere & Winthrop). These efforts have led to real, positive impacts on patient satisfaction and our patients' experience of care.

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Why I Joined PFAC: "This is a group that gets things done. Recently, the PFAC has come up with improved signage and wayfinding at CHA Somerville Campus to help people get to where they are going. Another project we have been working on is providing peaceful spaces for people of all faiths to pray or meditate at each hospital."

What PFAC membership means to me: “I am impressed by the amount of progress we make each meeting.”

What PFAC membership means to me: "It is so important for patients to play an active role in their own and their family’s care, and to have the opportunity to help guide the health care system in ways that support that role. CHA clearly values the input of patients, which makes serving on the PFAC rewarding and stimulating."

Why I joined the patient safety committee: "As a retired healthcare administrator who is passionate about having the patient participate in their own healthcare experience, I thought being a part of the patient safety committee would be a great opportunity to advocate for the patients at CHA. "

PFAC Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often does PFAC meet?

    For the time being, PFAC Meets Monthly via Google Meet. Eventually we will move to in-person meetings and the location will be determined then.

  • What day and time are the meetings?

    We meet the 3rd Thursday of every month 5 PM to 6:30 PM

  • How many members are there? How many are patients vs. staff members?

    We have 24 members at the moment.  58 percent of our members are CHA patients and 42 percent of our members are CHA staff who receive care at CHA.  We are welcoming new members and if you or someone you know is a CHA patient, they can apply to become a member.

  • Do members have to do work outside the meetings?

    On rare occasions there might be an opportunity for patients to participate in a research project outside of meeting time.

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Aideen Snell
CHA Director of Patient Experience

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