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COVID-19 Alerts

What you need to know:

  • COVID-19 Testing
    COVID testing is at 77 Middlesex Ave. in Somerville (Assembly Square).

    Testing Process and Details:

    • You must have an appointment (see below). Please note: testing slots are limited.
    • You can come by car, by bicycle or on foot.
    • If coming by car, please keep your windows rolled up.
    • There is no age limit for children. But your child must be old enough to sit still and tolerate the nose swab inside the vehicle. 
    • Please bring a picture ID.
    • Tests are provided to everyone, regardless of insurance status. If you have insurance, CHA will bill them for the test (you may get a statement from them showing this).

    Make an Appointment:

    • CHA patients with symptoms: Call the COVID Triage Center at 617-665-1977 (Monday-Saturday 8:15 a.m. - 5 p.m.) All other times, please call your primary care office. Someone is available to help 24/7.
    • CHA patients without symptoms: Call 617-665-2928. 
    • Non-CHA patients with symptoms: please call your regular doctor first. If you have had a medical evaluation and still want to schedule a test, call 617-665-2928.
    • Non-CHA patients without symptoms: Call 617-665-2928.

    Note: Our COVID testing phone line is open Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. Appointment slots are limited, and we do not book out more than 5 days.

    Testing Technology:

    COVID-19 (SARS-COV-2) viral testing is performed at our in-house CHA Laboratories.

    We are using the following analyzers to perform the tests using RT- PCR or nucleic acid amplification testing (NAAT) methods:

    • Cepheid GeneXpert
    • Hologic Panther
    • Genmark E-Plex
    • Abbott ID Now (primarily for hospital testing)

    Getting Results:

    Results may take up to 5 days to be available after you are tested. If you have not been contacted, it is because your result is not yet available.

    CHA patients with symptoms: You will get results from your CHA primary care team. Results will also be available in MyChart.

    Cambridge residents: You will get results from the Cambridge Health Department (617-665-3826).

    Chelsea residents: You will get results from the Chelsea Health Department (617-874-7678).

    Everett residents: You will get results from the Everett Health Department (617-394-2257).

    Malden residents: You will get results from the Malden Health Department (781-397-7052).

    Medford residents: You will get results from the Medford Health Department (781-393-2503).

    Revere residents: You will get results from the Revere Health Department (781-632-2781).

    Somerville residents: You will get results from the Somerville Health Department (617-591-3240).

    Winthrop residents: You will get results from the Emergency Operations Center (617-539-5848).

    Other communities: CHA staff will contact you with your results.

  • COVID Vaccine
    Please visit our COVID vaccine page for current information about vaccine availability
  • Coming for an In-Person Visit

    We are glad you are coming to see us!

    To protect you, and other patients, please STOP for our screeners when entering any CHA building.

    Our safety standards:

    • Wear a proper mask. You must be wearing a procedure or surgical mask, cloth mask, or mask without vents or valves. We will give you a procedure or cloth mask to replace any unsafe mask when you arrive. You won't be allowed into a CHA building if you wear a mask with vents, a gaiter or a bandana.
    • Use hand sanitizer when you enter the building.
    • Maintain social distance (at least 6 feet apart).
    • Answer our questions about COVID exposure or symptoms. (Do you have a fever/chills, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath, body ache, headache, or loss of taste or smell?)
    • Come to your visit alone, if you are able. Visitors are permitted only in special circumstances, when necessary for patient well-being.
      • For adults, one caretaker can come to the visit, if needed.
      • For children and elderly patients, one parent or caregiver is allowed for most visits.
      • Please tell the team if you, or someone you care for, has intellectual, developmental, or physical disabilities or other care giving needs.
  • CHA Hospital Visitor Policy during the COVID-19 Pandemic

    For the safety of our patients and staff, hospital visitors are permitted only in special circumstances, when necessary for patient well-being. These include:

    • End of life care for hospitalized patients.
    • Labor and delivery.
    • Breastfeeding moms.
    • Patients on our child and adolescent assessment units.
    • Behavioral health patients, including interactions with an attorney that cannot be done virtually.

    In these limited cases when visitors are allowed:

    • No visitor will be under the age of 18 unless they are a child of the patient.
    • Only one visitor per day for no more than 30 minutes.
    • Visitors will be asked questions about COVID. Any visitor with symptoms will not be allowed to enter.
    • Visitors will be told to wear a mask and keep it on at all times. (Masks with vents, gaiters and bandanas are not allowed).
    • If additional PPE is required, the hospital will provide it and help the visitor with donning and doffing.
    • Visitors must remain 6 feet from patients at all times.

    Every effort will be made to provide video technology for virtual visits with patients.

  • Local Community Resources

    CHA has a website called CHA Connect where you can search for local social services.

    You can use CHA Connect to find things like housing assistance, food support and much more.

  • DPH Reopening Attestations

    As required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, CHA attests to continuing to meet specific requirements to reopen or expand services.

    Phase 1 Reopening Attestation

    Phase 2 Reopening Attestation

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