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CHA Vaccination Center

176 Somerville Avenue
Somerville, MA 02143

We do not accept phone calls

This facility is for CHA patients who have an appointment. Please do not visit the center without an appointment.

Open Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. by appointment only. 

The CHA Vaccination Center is located next door to Target in Somerville. We provide vaccines for CHA patients, by appointment only. 


  • Getting a Vaccine at CHA

    Important Information

    You must have an appointment to get a vaccine. CHA does not have a waitlist and does not accept walk-ins.

    We cannot guarantee what vaccine (manufacturer) will be available on the day of your appointment.

    Companions of seniors cannot get a vaccine at CHA. Please visit the state website for locations accepting companions. 

    Medicare patients should bring their CMS issued Medicare card to their appointment, regardless of whether they have a Medicare Advantage plan. CHA still must bill CMS-Medicare for this service.

    If you are 1) a CHA patient, who 2) is eligible for vaccine, and 3) you need help making an appointment in MyCHArt, please visit our MyCHArt help page and look for our tip sheets. 

    For more information about the COVID vaccine, please visit our COVID vaccine page.

  • Parking

    Use the Target entrance on Somerville Avenue. There is a large parking area in front of the building.

  • Public Transportation

    Bus: 86, 88, 91, CT2

    Train: Red Line, Orange Line

COVID-19 alerts for in-person visits

  • Everybody Must Wear a Mask

    Please wear a mask or face covering when you come for your in-person visit.

    Don't worry, we'll be wearing them too!

    Please do not wear a mask with valves or vents. These protect you but don't protect others.

  • Remember to Maintain Social Distance

    We have new standards to help people keep a safe distance.

      1. We are asking everyone to stay 6 feet apart. Some of our sites have markings on the floor to show this
      2. All our waiting rooms have new seating arrangements
      3. We are only letting a small number of people into our clinics at any one time

      Thank you for helping protect everyone's safety!

    1. Who Can Come to Your Visit?

      Please come to your visit alone, if you are able.

      Visitors are permitted only in special circumstances, when necessary for patient well-being:

      1. For children, one parent or caregiver is allowed for most visits.
      2. For adults, one caretaker can come to the visit, if needed.

      Please tell your team if you, or someone you care for, has intellectual, developmental, or physical disabilities or other caregiving needs.

    2. You Will be Screened for Illness

      Everyone will be screened for illness before entering CHA buildings.

      You will be asked questions about COVID symptoms (fever or chills, shortness of breath, cough, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.)

      If you are feeling sick, or have been near someone who you know has COVID-19, please call us before your visit. Your care team may give you advice over the phone or ask you to be seen at a different location.

    3. You Will Need to Clean Your Hands

      Keeping your hands clean is one way to stop the spread of illness.

      You will be asked to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer when you enter any CHA building.

    Services We Offer

    COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments

    CHA is currently reaching out to patients we know are eligible for the vaccine by MyCHArt and email. These messages will explain how to get an appointment. We will continue to reach out to patients when there are changes in eligibility rules or more vaccine comes available. 

    Please visit our COVID vaccine page for more information. 

    Questions - How Do I ...

    • Sign up for MyCHArt?

      MyCHArt is a secure system that lets you see and manage your health care from a computer or smart phone. MyCHArt lets you ask questions, request appointments, refill medications and review lab results.

      Need a MyChart account?

      Just visit the CHA MyCHArt page to sign up today.

    • Get an interpreter?

      If you prefer to speak another language during your visit: 

      Please tell your care team before your next visit. Our interpreter services team can help.

      Please note, there is no charge for this service. 

    • Ask a question or give feedback?

      We want to hear from you!

      If you have non-urgent health questions, please sent us a note in MyCHArt.

      For other questions or feedback, just use our online form.

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