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Past Honorees

2016 Event Honoring John Rosenthal

John RosenthalJohn Rosenthal has always been a champion of the underserved. First as a young man protesting nuclear development, and then as a successful businessman who uses his clout to help local communities overcome many barriers to good health. John is president of real estate development company Meredith Management and has distinguished himself in his ability to balance corporate and individual responsibility. Read more.

2015 Event Honoring Governor Michael and Mrs. Kitty Dukakis

Governor Michael and Mrs. Kitty DukakisGovernor Michael and Mrs. Kitty Dukakis, like CHA, have always been steadfast leaders and passionate supporters of our state’s most vulnerable populations, working to ameliorate disparities and address the social determinants of health. Michael served as governor of Massachusetts from 1975-1979 and from 1983-1991, leaving a lasting impact on the overall well-being of underserved and poor communities. Always innovative, he advanced economic development by introducing gateway cities and investing in public transportation. Michael responded to family homelessness by establishing the first public shelter in Massachusetts in 1983 during his first week back in office and creating programs that significantly increased affordable housing. He also signed a bill that was a precursor to later legislation guaranteeing universal access to healthcare. Michael was the Democratic nominee for president in 1988 and continues to shape public policy today. He serves as a distinguished professor of political science at Northeastern University and visiting professor of public policy at the University of California, Los Angeles. Read more.

2013 Event Honoring Nancy Rappaport, MD

Nancy Rappaport, MDDr. Nancy Rappaport, a child and adolescent psychiatrist and director of school-based mental health programs at Cambridge Health Alliance, has dedicated her career to helping children living with mental illness. Read more.

2012 Event Honoring Donald M. Berwick, MD

Donald M. Berwick, MDDr. Donald Berwick is a pediatrician, founding CEO of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), and former Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. He is internationally known for his commitment to patient-centered care and his passion for treating patients as individuals. Read more.

2011 Event Honoring David Osler, MD, MPH (CHA Art of Healing Award), Hilary Worthen, MD (CHA Lifetime Service Award), Erika Fellinger, MD (CHA Rising Star Award)

David Osler, MD, MPH - CHA Art of Healing Award

David Osler, MDDavid Osler has a very simple philosophy - patients come first. His unique ability to stay strongly connected to individual patients, while simultaneously striving to transform and improve the system of care for all patients, is truly an art. He is optimistic in spirit, yet realistic and pragmatic, with the ability to move ahead and accomplish more than others think is possible, even in the face of adversity. His actions convey his belief that all people deserve excellent care regardless of their race, status, or ability to pay. He connects with people as individuals and treats everyone with respect. Dr. Osler's unwavering commitment to providing, and improving, care for all patients, combined with his tireless work ethic and genuine humility, make him the embodiment of an Art of Healing Award honoree. Read more.

Hilary Worthen, MD - CHA Lifetime Service Award


Hilary Worthen, MDDr. Hilary Worthen's passion for the medical field and his dedication to public service are apparent in every aspect of his long and diverse career at Cambridge Health Alliance. Over a span of four decades, working in clinical, administrative, and academic capacities, Dr. Worthen has changed the very landscape of CHA. To this day, many of his innovations remain essential service components for CHA and its patients, making him the obvious choice for the inaugural Lifetime Service Award. Read more.

Erika Fellinger, MD - CHA Rising Star Award


Erika Fellinger, MD During her six years at CHA, Dr. Erika Fellinger has distinguished herself as an outstanding physician and role model. Breaking the traditional surgeon stereotypes, she goes above and beyond for her patients, providing exceptional, highly personalized, patient-centered care. As an early adopter of this philosophy, she has become a leader in CHA's transformation to a Patient-Centered Medical Home model of care. She is a rising star on many fronts - her strong spirit of innovation and visionary leadership is effecting positive change within CHA, while her surgical expertise is improving the health of our communities. Read more.

2010 Event Honoring David H. Bor, MD

David Bor, MDThe 2010 Art of Healing Award was presented to David H. Bor, MD, for his exceptional leadership skills and lifetime dedication to academics, medicine, and the health of our communities. Dr. David Bor is Chief Academic Officer at Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA) and the Charles S. Davidson Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School (HMS). Read more.

2009 Event Honoring Marshall Forstein, MD

Marshall Forstein, MDThe 2009 Art of Healing Award was presented to Marshall Forstein, MD, for his groundbreaking work in the mental health aspects of HIV/AIDS, his significant impact as a teacher and trainer, and his leadership on national, regional, and institution-based committees relating to HIV and/or mental health. Read more.

2008 Event Honoring Ron Weintraub, MD

Ron Weintraub, MDThe 2008 Art of Healing Award was presented to Ron Weintraub, MD, for his lifetime dedication and contributions to medicine. Throughout his career, Dr. Weintraub received high-acclaim for his achievements and contributions in the field of surgery. He has held many leadership roles, including Chief of the Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery at the Beth Israel Hospital, a division that he helped establish in 1970. He was also appointed the Davis S. Ginsburg Associate Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School in 1992. Read more.

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