Latoya Jackson, MD

  • Jackson, Latoya, MD


    Obstetrics and Gynecology



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    Medical School

    Howard University


    North Shore LIJ- Hofstra School of Medicine


    North Shore-LIJ Hofstra School of Medicine New Hyde

    Additional Information

    When I was younger I didn’t understand the full scope of practice, but I knew I wanted to deliver babies when I grew up. When I was old enough to understand what an OBGYN was, my determination to reach that goal never wavered. After completing all of my rotations in medical school, I realized that nothing else would satisfy my desire to interact with patients in the clinical setting and operating room and allow me to bring new life into the world.

    The look on a woman’s face when you hand them their newborn child for the first time is indescribable. That feeling of satisfaction when you successfully treat a woman that has been dealing with an issue for years makes all the long hours of work worth every second. It gives me joy to see my patients improve their lives. Women are multi-faceted and many of our issues require a solution that involves more than just traditional medical treatment. This often includes addressing psychosocial issues along with various aspects of everyday life.

    Outside of work I enjoy traveling and event planning. I have become the go to event planner for my family. I have a Pinterest page for almost any theme you can think of.

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    CHA Somerville Campus
    33 Tower Street
    Somerville, MA  02143
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    CHA Cambridge Hospital
    1493 Cambridge Street
    Cambridge, MA  02139
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    CHA Women's Health Somerville Campus
    33 Tower Street
    Somerville, MA  02143
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