Workforce Solutions

Whether you have an established Wellness Program or are just beginning to think about implementation, we can help.

Choose from customized or prepackaged services to support your employee health goals and create an environment of employee well-being and engagement.

Why CHA?

  • World-class Occupational Health services, with more than 800 client companies
  • A robust Wellness Program, serving 4,000 employees
  • Nationally-recognized Primary Care and Behavioral Health services
  • Led by CHA physicians on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and the T.H. Chan Harvard School of Public Health


Employee & Workplace Analysis

Answering key questions to improve your costs and workplace culture:

  • Healthcare and Workers Compensation Claims Analyses: what are your cost drivers?
  • Occupational Health Analysis: what existing conditions or practices present risks to your employees or organization?
  • Culture Assessment: what is your current workplace culture and employee satisfaction?
  • Environment and Policy Assessment: Inventory of the physical work environment and surrounding area, as well as workplace policies and practices.
  • Needs and Interest Survey: understanding employee health risk status and health interests.

Engagement & Intervention

Educational programs and tools tailored to your employee population:

  • Online Health Portal: a toolkit to create engagement and manage your wellness program.
  • Health Coaching: 1:1 support to help employees identify goals, set plans, and track progress.
  • Seminars and Webinars: awareness and education on a wide variety of topics.
  • Behavior Change: teaching skills to change behavior and help individuals work toward goals.

Physical Health and Wellness

  • Health Assessments: snapshots of employee health and an aggregate look at employee health.
  • Biometric Solutions: a tailored strategy to use your limited resources wisely.
  • Occupational Health: a wide range of services provided by CHA physicians from the faculty of Harvard Medical School and the T.H. Chan Harvard School of Public Health. Can include onsite clinical staffing at your facility.
  • Ergonomics: assessments to keep your employees in the best position to be safe and productive.
  • Physical and Emotional Wellbeing: A whole-person approach to health and wellness including:
    • Primary Care with Behavioral Health: comprehensive care for employees and their families at 12 CHA locations.
    • Mindfulness: instructors from CHA’s Center for Mindfulness and Compassion offering brief educational programs or extended stress reduction courses.

Follow our lead

We have developed an effective, award-winning Wellness Program for our 4,000+ employees.