Patient Testimonials

Gary Bining

Boston Blazers 2010

"The CHA staff was extremely flexible, supportive and thorough. I have spent time in many different rehabilitation facilities over the course of my collegiate and professional career and would place the staff at Assembly Square amongst the best."

Jen Powell

Boston Militia 2010

"I am not one for rehabilitation on any injury that I've ever had. Being an athlete for the past 20 years of my life, I have had a plethora of injuries that I would just walk off or pay little attention to. I recently had a Meniscectomy on my right knee and some of my teammates were already going to CHA and raving about their care. I figured I'd give it a shot, with having to get myself better and stronger for our upcoming season. Although I had my doubts, I was totally wrong. I have never experience PT [physical therapy] to this extent and loved every second of it. I have to give a huge thank you to Joy Shine and Lyle Morgan. Without them, I would never have healed as fast and as strong as I have. Now I am ready for our 2010 season on our quest to a championship. Thank you CHA for making rehab fun, hard, and motivational. I strongly recommend CHA Physical Therapy to anyone who needs rehabilitation of any magnitude."

Patrick Duchette

"As a college athlete wrapping up his career on the disabled list, I was no stranger to the somewhat grueling processes of physical therapy heading into my first surgery. However, it is extremely difficult to prepare for the road back from the actual surgery, unless you're able to schedule your physical therapy with Darci Mayette and the staff at 5 Middlesex Ave. Dr. Rob Nicoletta's professionalism and comforting demeanor shines through in his physical therapist's welcoming conduct from day one, and the recovery just seems to start off on the right foot. Although each hour may be filled with grunts and pain filled face making, the weeks of therapy tend to fly by effortlessly, and the next thing you know you're playing catch again or running in that 10K.

The location is a convenient as it gets, just seconds off Route 93, and the facility is fit for the pros. There is little else to say about the folks at Cambridge Health Alliance...I'm currently just over two months out from the procedure on my left shoulder, and the recovery couldn't be going more smoothly. With that, I am able to refer without hesitation and with the utmost confidence, any and all that are looking for the best care following their surgery to Darci and her staff; as that care will be found at CHA Assembly Square."