Somerville Hospital Laboratory

At the Somerville Hospital Laboratory:

  • We collect and receive specimens for laboratory analysis
  • Perform manual, automated and microscopic analysis on fluids and tissues, in a timely and accurate manner - in order to assist in the accurate diagnosis and treatment of the patients we serve
  • Constantly strive to improve the accuracy, reliability, timeliness of the tests we perform
  • Work with Medical Staff to develop and maintain appropriate test menus
    • Routine Chemistry, Limited Therapeutic Drug Testing, Drugs of Abuse, Routine Hematology including Coagulation Testing, Urinalysis, Emergency Blood Product Issuing, Flu testing

We currently utilize the following instrumentation:

  • Siemens Dimension EXL-200
  • Siemens Clinitek 500
  • Sysmex XT-4000i
  • Sysmex XS-1000i
  • Sysmex CA-1500
  • Sysmex CA-560
  • Fisher Accumet AB15+ pH Meter

Tests performed at The Somerville Hospital Laboratory include:


Albumin, body fluid
Albumin, serum/plasma
Alkaline phosphatase, body fluid
Alkaline phosphatase, serum/plasma
ALT, serum/plasma
Amylase, body fluid
Amylase, serum/plasma
AST, serum/plasma
Bilirubin, body fluid
Bilirubin, direct, serum/plasma
Bilirubin, total, serum/plasma
Calcium, body fluid
Calcium, serum/plasma
Chloride, body fluid
Chloride, serum/plasma
CO2, serum/plasma
Creatine kinase (CK), serum/plasma
Creatinine, body fluid
Creatinine, serum/plasma
Glucose, body fluid
Glucose, CSF
Glucose, serum/plasma
hCG, qualitative, serum
hCG, quantitative, serum
Ketone, serum
Lactate, body fluid Lactate, plasma
Lipase, body fluid
Lipase, serum
Magnesium, serum/plasma
pH, body fluid
Phosphorus, serum/plasma
Potassium, body fluid
Potassium, serum/plasma
Protein, body fluid
Protein, total, CSF
Protein, total, serum
Sodium, body fluid
Sodium, serum/plasma
Urea, body fluid
Urea, serum/plasma
Uric acid, body fluid
Uric acid, serum

Special Chemistry

Alcohol/volatiles, serum, medical
CK-MB, serum/plasma
Enzyme immunoassay
Therapeutic drug monitoring
Troponin I
Valproic acid


Serum toxicology, qualitative, immunoassay
Urine toxicology, qual, automated immunoassay

Cytology Processing

FNA processed in Cytology
Specimen staining, cytology
Primary screening by pathologist, non-gyn cytology


ESR, automated, non-waived
Hematocrit, non-waived
Hematocrit, waived
Hemoglobin, non-waived
Platelet count, automated
RBC count
RBC indices (e.g. MCV, RDW)
Reticulocyte count, automated
WBC count, automated
WBC differential, automated
Body fluid cell count, automated
Body fluid cell count, manual


D-dimer, quantitative
INR, plasma, non-waived
PT, plasma
PTT, plasma


hCG, urine, waived
Influenza antigen, non-waived


Fat bodies, urine
Occult blood, fecal, waived
Occult blood, gastric, waived
Reducing substances, urine
Specific gravity, refractometer, manual,non-waived
Urinalysis dipstick, automated, non-waived
Urinalysis dipstick, manual, waived
Urinalysis microscopic, manual (inc. crystal ID)

    Contact Us

  • Testing Laboratory – 2nd Floor

    (617) 591-4740

    Phlebotomy Laboratory – Main Floor

    (617) 591-4749


    STAT Testing:
    24 hours

    Routine Testing:
    7 a.m. – 11 p.m.

    SH Outpatient Lab:
    M - F   8 a.m. - 8 p.m.

    Contact Us

  • Jay Stephens, MLS(ASCP)

    P: (617) 591-4742 Email


  • CHA is Accredited by the College of American Pathologist Association Accredited by the College of American Pathologist Association

    American Association of Blood Banks accredited Accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks

    Continuous monitoring and improvement of key STAT test turnaround times