Routine & Preventive Care

Your primary care team helps you get preventive care (like tests, immunizations and health screenings). This lets us find and treat any medical conditions early, to keep you healthy. These tests vary by your age, sex, family history and risk factors.

Tests and intervals may change based on new research and technology advances.

Annual Well Visits

Do you need a check-up every year?

While most health insurance will pay for an annual physical, it really depends on your age, risk factors and specific health needs. Here are the standards for who should come in and how frequently:

  • Children 0-12 years

    There is a specific schedule of when young children should come in for immunizations, blood tests and “well-child” checks. You will find the schedule here.

  • 12-22 years

    Patients 12-22 should come in at least once a year to make sure they have any necessary blood tests, immunizations and a “well-child” check.

  • 22 years and older

    New patients should have a welcome visit to "establish care" with your team. This lets us create a plan of care for you and set up a visit schedule based on your needs.

    Current patients should already have a plan of care. But even healthy patients should come in at least once every two years.

Breast Cancer Screenings for Women

Mammography - once every 2 years for women 50-75 years old in CHA Radiology.

Cervical Cancer Screenings for Women

Pap smear - once every 3 years for women 21-65. For women 30-64, this can be once every 5 years if you also have HPV testing. These can be done at your CHA primary care center or OB/GYN office.

Colorectal Cancer Screenings

All adults 50-75 years of age should get one of the following screenings:

  • Colonoscopy - once every 10 years, or
  • Flexible Sigmoidoscopy - once every 5 years, or
  • Fecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT) – once a year

Get your colon cancer screening with the CHA Division of Gastroenterology.

Diabetes Wellness Visits

If you have diabetes, you need several tests to monitor your health:

  • Hemoglobin A1c test – at least twice yearly at your primary care center
  • Blood pressure screening – every year at your primary care center
  • Diabetic eye exam - every year at the CHA Eye Center
  • Cholesterol testing – at least once a year
  • Diabetic foot exam – once a year at your primary care center or with a CHA podiatrist (foot doctor)

High Blood Pressure Checks

For people with high blood pressure, get tested at your primary care center (ask your doctor or PCP how frequently you should be seen).