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Having a primary care doctor for your child is good for their health. Find a great CHA doctor and location today.

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    About CHA Primary Care

  • Get an Entire Care Team

    CHA is more than just great doctors. When you join us you will get an integrated system of primary care, specialty services and hospitals. We work as a team to focus on what's most important - your health.


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    It's easy to become a CHA patient!

    1. Choose a practice location
    2. Choose a primary care provider (PCP)
    3. Register as a new patient and make an appointment
    4. Call your insurance plan and let them know

    Step 1: Choose a practice location

    CHA doctors work in Cambridge, Everett, Malden, Revere and Somerville, MA. Most of our practices see both children and adults.

    Step 2: Choose a primary care provider (PCP)
    Many CHA PCPs are accepting new patients. Choose a practice and provider using our easy list.

    Step 3: Register as a new patient and make your first appointment
    Our Doctor Finder Service will take care of everything. Please have your insurance information ready when you call.

    Step 4: Call your insurance plan
    If you have an insurance plan that requires you to select a PCP, just call them and let them know which CHA provider you have chosen.