Patient Information

How Do I...

Make an appointment?

If you already come to CHA for primary care, just call your clinic directly. Or contact us using MyCHArt. We can help you make, change or cancel your appointment.

If you don't have a primary care doctor at CHA, you can call our Doctor Finder Service at 617-665-1305.

Get help when I feel sick?

Please call us and let us know how you feel. Our nurses and doctors are always able to answer questions on the phone, even when the office is closed.

Have an urgent medical need that's not an emergency? Please visit CHA Somerville Campus Urgent Care at 33 Tower Street, Somerville. Learn more about Urgent Care.

If you are having a health emergency, don't wait. Call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency room. You can find 24 hour emergency care with short wait times at CHA Cambridge Hospital and CHA Everett Hospital.

When you go to a CHA emergency room, your CHA doctor will be notified about your health needs right away and can help coordinate your care.

Get a referral?

Please talk to your care team. They can help you find the right doctor and service for your medical needs. We hope you see a doctor in our network. This will let us share medical information and support your care.

To learn more about referrals, please click here.

Get refills?

For the best service, just call your pharmacy to get your prescription refilled. Please don’t wait until you have used all your medication before calling. However, if you have run out of your medication, tell the pharmacist. They may be able to give you some medication until your refill has been approved.

Sign up for MyCHArt?

MyCHArt is a secure system that lets you see and manage your health care from a computer or smart phone. MyCHArt lets you ask questions, request appointments, refill medications and review lab results.

Need a MyChart account? Just visit the CHA MyCHArt page to enroll today.

Find health insurance?

If you need health insurance, we can help. Just call the CHA Financial Assistance team at 617-665-1100. Or, visit our web page for more information.

Pay my bill?

You can now pay your bill online.

We accept most health insurance. But if you have any questions about what services are covered, please call your insurance company directly.

If you have a question about your bill, we can help. Just call our Customer Service Billing Department at 617-665-3200.  

Get an interpreter?

If you prefer to speak another language during your visit, please tell us. Our interpreter services team can help.

Ask a question or give feedback?

If you have non-urgent health questions, please sent us a note in MyCHArt.

For other questions or feedback, just use our online form.

Get a health screening or check-up?

Your primary care team knows when you are due for routine care, like tests, immunizations and health screenings (learn more). Just ask them what you need and when.