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The CHA Pathology Department includes a team of Pathologists, technicians, lab assistants and support staff that provide high-quality, prompt histological and cytological interpretations for our patients. CHA's expert Pathologists are medical doctors with years of experience interpreting and diagnosing a broad range of conditions at CHA and hospitals throughout the world.

If You Need a Lab Test

Many of our Primary Care Centers have lab stations. If you need a lab test, please ask your primary care team where to have them done. 

Learn about Histology and Cytology

About Histology

Tissues received in the Histology department are preserved and processed to ensure long term viability. Tissues are initially described and, if required, are dissected to observe specific areas of the tissue by the Pathologists’ Assistant or Pathologist. Histology technicians use special machinery to thinly cut and mount these tissues on glass slides for microscopic interpretation by CHA Pathologists. The slide-mounted tissues can then be used in a wide variety of specialized testing to ensure that the right diagnosis is made for each patient.

Histology Tests

Routine and rapid histological preparations, advanced immunohistochemical staining, microbiological staining, stat biopsy service.

About Cytology

Cytology is the study of cells. The Cytology laboratory evaluates cells collected from specific sites in the human body to provide diagnostic information to clinicians. Like in Histology, cells can be deposited on glass slides and observed with a microscope. The lab also has a team of technicians, called cytotechnologists, that are specially trained to assist the Pathologists in interpreting cytological specimens. Accurate and prompt cytological interpretations are critical to our patient’s health.

Cytology Tests

Routine and rapid cytological preparations, thyroid Gene Expression Classifier testing, Human Papilloma Virus testing.

Lab Careers at CHA

Watch our video and visit our careers pages.

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