Expert Bone and Joint Care for Greater Boston

When you choose CHA Orthopaedics, you will find an expert team that understands bones, muscles and joints. We provide everything from injury evaluation to complex surgery, offering care that meets or exceeds what you find in most other Boston-area hospitals. We accept most health insurance (you may need a referral from your PCP before your appointment).

Now seeing patients at three Boston-area locations:

Our goals are to work with you and your primary care doctor to understand your health and help you make the best decisions for your care.

Key members of our team:

  • Board-certified, fellowship-trained Orthopaedic surgeons offering things like Total Joint Replacement and Spine Surgery.
  • Sports Medicine experts that use the latest techniques to help you with motion-related injuries.
  • Hand Surgeons for hand and wrist injuries, including carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Physiatrists - doctors who specialize in non-surgical care of injuries, including back pain.
  • Rheumatologists - doctors who specialize in arthritis, inflammation, and auto-immune disease.
  • Physician Assistants that work one-on-one with patients. 

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  • Sports Medicine

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