The Facts About Diabetes

CHA registered dietitian
Paige Katzenstein, CHA Registered Dietitian

November is Diabetes Awareness Month.

Get the facts about diabetes from CHA registered dietitian Paige Katzenstein!

Myth #1: Eating too much sugar can cause diabetes.

Fact: Drinking sugary drinks like soda, fruit punch and Gatorade is linked to Type 2 diabetes, but Type 2 is caused by both genetic and lifestyle factors such as lack of exercise, excessive weight or obesity, and processed food intake.

Myth #2: People with diabetes need to eat differently from those without diabetes.

False. A healthy meal plan containing whole grains like oats, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and small amounts of healthy fats and healthy carbohydrates should be eaten by everyone.

Myth #3: If you have diabetes you cannot eat chocolate, potatoes, rice or pasta.

False: All foods are permitted but portion size is key. Ask your primary care doctor to refer you to a CHA registered dietitian who can help you learn about portion sizes that can control your blood sugar.

Myth #4: Diabetes is not that serious a disease.

Fact: If you manage your diabetes, eat a healthy diet, do some enjoyable physical activity and take medications as prescribed, you can prevent or delay organ complications related to diabetes.

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