Adult Counseling and Treatment

Getting an Appointment

It's necessary to have a CHA Primary Care Provider in order to be seen in Psychiatry. Please contact your Primary Care Provider to request that they place a referral. Inpatient Psychiatry providers can call 617-591-6033 to schedule a post admission follow up visit.

Evaluation, counseling, and therapy for all ages. Every day, our expert staff helps hundreds of people with concerns ranging from mild anxiety and depression to learning disabilities, relationship problems, addictions, and chronic or acute mental illness.

General Psychiatry Service - Evaluates adult patients and provides treatment plans for common mental health needs.

Geriatric Psychiatry - Outpatient care for older adults.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) - Individual and group therapy for individuals with borderline personality disorder.

Consultation-Liaison Services - Works with doctors and their patients to help manage mental health needs while the patient is undergoing medical care. Services available at CHA care centers and mental health treatment sites.

Program for Psychotherapy - Long-term insight-oriented psychotherapy for adults to help them build a greater understanding of the problems in their life.

Psychological  Assessment and Neuropsychology - Standard and neuropsychological testing to better understand a patient's mental health needs.

Psychopharmacology (Medication) Clinic - Evaluates a patient's psychiatric medications to ensure that they are providing the best treatment.

Transitional Service - Intensive outpatient care to people in need. This includes people transitioning from inpatient to outpatient care and those who are between mental health providers. Services include short-term case management, medication management and group therapy.

Trauma services

Please note: Due to a high demand for our services, CHA is prioritizing appointments for patients who are enrolled in Primary Care at CHA. If you do not meet this criteria, our staff may be able to assist you in finding a referral service.

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  • Adult Referral Line

    P: (617) 591-6033
  • Child Referral Line

    P: (617) 665-3458
  • Outpatient Addiction Program

    P: (617) 591-6051