Dedicated research hours are a part of several of the postdoctoral fellowships, and it is also possible for fellows to be assigned research mentors from psychologists who are involved in the Department of Psychiatry's research.

We encourage fellows' participation in the ongoing research projects in the Department, and the development of proposals for original research. Currently, approximately twenty faculty members are engaged in research projects - a few with major research grants, and other with smaller grants or unfunded projects. Primary investigators often develop research projects in cooperation with other members of the Department of Psychiatry, with other schools within Harvard University, and with other affiliated institutions.

The Department of Psychiatry values research as the foundation for improving the quality of clinical care, and considers the conduct of research to be essential for determining the efficacy of methods of care, and for disseminating these methods to the larger professional community. Psychology Trainees, Interns and Post-doctoral Fellows are urged to join existing research activities, and are provided with technical and creative support in the development of new research endeavors.

Affiliations with Research Postdoctoral Fellows in Psychology

Apart from the Clinical Postdoctoral positions described in our training program, the Department of Psychiatry at times hosts Research Postdoctoral Fellows, who are selected by, and work under designated researchers in the Department. While the primary purpose of these research postdoctoral positions is to participate in research, Research Fellows may elect to apply to supplement their research activities with unpaid clinical work in the Department, especially for the purpose of obtaining state licensure. This application process includes an interview with the Director of Postdoctoral Training, and submission of materials (CV, doctoral transcript, letters of reference and clinical samples). The clinical experience resulting from this application will be crafted to meet the needs of both the Research Fellow and the Department of Psychiatry, and will involve appropriate clinical supervision and didactic seminars, including the postdoctoral professional development seminar.

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