Training Sites

General Psychiatry Teams, Adult Ambulatory Services

The core training experience revolves around an interdisciplinary outpatient teams. Outpatient training consists primarily of clinical experience with adult outpatients involving: comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and disposition; short and episodic individual psychotherapy (psychodynamic, supportive and/or cognitive and skills based); group therapy; and psychodiagnostic testing. Patients exhibit a variety of conditions, including severe and persistent mental illness. Weekly team meetings and case conferences sharpen skills at formulation, diagnosis, making treatment decisions, and conducting psychotherapy.

General Psychiatry, Psychodynamic Research Clinic

Interns in Tracks I-IV will participate in the Psychodynamic Research Clinic. Interns in the HRSA funded position (Tracks V-IX) will not. In this clinic, interns will follow 1 or 2 patients in psychodynamic psychotherapy under supervision with a psychoanalyst. Interns will also be involved in psychodynamic psychotherapy research. Cases are supervised by analytically-oriented supervisors or those supervisors who have completed psychoanalytic training.

Latinx Mental Health Clinic

The Latinx Mental Health Clinic provides a full range of outpatient services to Spanish-speaking persons, including evaluations, psychological testing, and individual, group, child/adolescent, couples, and family therapy. The community is comprised of persons who emigrated from Central and South American Countries, and from the Caribbean. Many patients have been traumatized. Trainees work as part of a multidisciplinary team. The examination of cross-cultural issues is an ongoing part of the training. Spanish language proficiency required.

Integrated Primary Care/Behavioral Health Teams

Interns in the HRSA funded positions will work in one of several primary care centers in the context of a primary care/behavioral health team, in either an adult center or pediatric center. Responsibilities include intakes, evaluations, brief treatment, warm handoffs, and group treatment.

Adult Acute Services

The major sites for the Adult Acute Service are the Partial Transition Service and the Psychiatric Emergency Service at Cambridge Hospital. Patients with psychiatric illnesses including the psychoses, major affective disorders, dual diagnosis (co-occurring major mental illness and chemical dependency), and severe post-traumatic stress disorders receive stepdown stabilization, intervention, and treatment planning for after-care. The training experience occurs in the context of multidisciplinary care involving psychiatry, psychology, social work, nursing, occupational therapy, and other forms of intervention. Clinical modalities include individual psychosocially oriented consultations, extended evaluation, psychodiagnostic testing, and group therapy. Team meetings and case conferences enhance understanding of the diagnosis and stabilization of those with severe and persistent forms of mental illness.

Interns placed on the Adult Acute Service may also rotate through the Emergency Department for Psychiatric Emergency Services or other medical services.

Child/Adolescent Ambulatory Services

Interns within the child/adult track are placed half time at the Child and Adolescent Ambulatory Services at Cambridge Hospital

This site provides a broad array of clinical services to children, adolescents and their families. It is a multidisciplinary setting that includes psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, neuropsychologicalassessment, psychological testing, school consultation and parent education. The patient population ranges from the underprivileged to the middle class, and is ethnically and diagnostically diverse. Interns are members of multidisciplinary diagnostic evaluation teams that assess children and families in a setting that integrates teaching and clinical service. Psychodynamic, cognitive -behavioral, and family system approaches are emphasized throughout the process of evaluation, treatment planning and psychotherapy.

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