Training in the Department of Psychiatry

We are delighted to know of your interest in training at the Department of Psychiatry. Extensive clinical, educational, and research opportunities can be found anywhere in our five inpatient units and in our network of community-based outpatient services that provide more than 100,000 visits a year.

Like all components of Cambridge Health Alliance, we strive to provide patient-centered, evidence-based care in a system devoted to improving the health of the communities we serve. As an appointing department of Harvard Medical School, we have a diverse and vibrant faculty that has established a standard of excellence in teaching, recognized throughout the nation.

Building on the groundbreaking approach to healthcare reform in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, our clinical system has begun an effort to become an Accountable Care Organization based on the model of a patient-centered medical home.

Our educational programs are rooted in the diverse clinical and public health services we provide, and always reflect the energy and dedication that fuel our entire system of care. Both clinical and didactic components of the programs have the goal of stimulating professional and personal growth. We on the faculty valued the training we received, so we recognize the impact that teachers have on the careers of their students and trainees. Our expectations are high, and we know that yours are as well. We want all of our trainees to achieve their maximum potential, so we emphasize personal supervision and individual instruction throughout the training program.

Thank you again for your interest in our Department. Any of the faculty, staff, or trainees would be happy to provide more information or answer questions that you may have.

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