Psychotherapy Training Program

Clinical Director: Rebecca Drill, PhD

Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology, Harvard Medical School

Training Director: Alfred Margulies, MD

Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

Associate Director: Jack Beinashowitz, PhD

Instructor in Psychology, Harvard Medical School

Program Goals:

To provide excellence in clinical service, specialized training in psychodynamic psychotherapy, and ongoing research in psychotherapy outcomes.

Program Objectives:

To render accessible psychotherapy to a culturally diverse population in the community, to offer additional advanced education and training for clinicians who have completed their formal training, and to study the process and outcome of psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy Training Components:

1. Training in Psychotherapy and Educational Services

  • Fellowship programs for clinicians who have recently completed their formal training (post docs for psychologists)
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Supervision

2. Services to the Local Community:

  • Psychotherapy to patients who are clinically stable (i.e., not at risk for hospitalization and not actively abusing substances) and are motivated for psychotherapy
  • Coordination with other caregivers within Cambridge Health Alliance, such as the Psychopharmacology Clinic, Family and Couples Program, and Behavioral Medicine

3. Research in Psychotherapy

  • Ongoing study of outcome and process in psychotherapy

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