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Malden Overview

When John Endicott landed in Salem (Naumkeag) in 1628 he started a small colony focused on agriculture and the Bible. Two years later John Winthrop arrived in Salem with over 1,500 Puritans fleeing persecution in England. Moving south through the area of the Mystic and Charles Rivers, Winthrop, after a brief stay in Charlestown, moved on to found Shawmut, later to be known as Boston.

After and exploratory expedition through Middlesex Falls and Spots Pond, Governor Winthrop asked the General Court to establish an area north of Charlestown to be known as "Mystic Side", for the use of the Charlestown Residents. By 1649 there were enough inhabitants of that area that by agreement of the inhabitants of Charlestown and with the consent of the General Court in Boston a separate town, later known as Malden was established.

By 1887 the town of Malden had grown to a substantial center of 19th Century mercantile activity such as Elisha Slade Converse's Boston Rubber Shoe Company, one of the largest businesses of its kind in the United States. On January 31, 1877 Alexander Graham Bell demonstrated the practicality of the box telephone with a call from the home of Mayor Converse in Malden to the Boston branch of his shoe company on Converse Street.

Today Malden is a city of some 53,000 residents. In addition to some tenacious Yankees there are "established" communities of Italian, Jewish and Irish descendants. Moreover Malden now has many newly-established ethnic communities including persons of Chinese, Vietnamese, Central American, Caribbean, Haitian, North African, and Russo-Slavic origins, to name a few. All of these groups contribute to the vitality of the City of Malden. In Malden High School there are 45 different languages and students practicing 15-20 different religions. Moreover with the establishment of Telecom City, a joint venture with Medford and Everett to establish a enterprise zone for high-technology research and development, Malden is in an ideal position for the 21st century.

Histories of Malden

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