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The Family Studies Lab, led by Karlen Lyons-Ruth, PhD,
Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School, is conducting translational research to better understand the contributions of early relational risk, trauma, and genetic factors to social adaptation in infancy, childhood, and adolescence.

The lab collaborates with other Harvard Medical School investigators to examine stress-hormone responsiveness among patients with borderline personality disorder (Gunderson), genetic contributors to borderline and antisocial symptoms (Pauls), fMRI responses to reward cues among young people with histories of trauma (Pizzagalli), and aspects of brain morphology associated with poor quality care (Teicher). The Family Studies Lab also trains researchers internationally in attachment-related assessments, including the AMBIANCE assessment for atypical forms of parent-infant interaction and the RISE scale for assessing indiscriminate infant attachment behavior.

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  • Karlen Lyons-Ruth, Ph.D.

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  • Recent publication from NIMH Grant #062030:

    Borderline symptoms and suicidality/self-injury in late adolescence: Prospectively observed relationship correlates in infancy and childhood:

    Quality of attachment relationships and peer relationship dysfunction among late adolescents with and without anxiety disorders:

    Childhood Maltreatment and Prospectively Observed Quality of Early Care as Predictors of Antisocial Personality Disorder Features: