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After the Interview

Most people find our interview day to be an informational one in which the majority of their questions are answered, but the process of visiting other programs naturally stimulates additional questions you may not have had when you visited us. Sometimes things that are seemingly not important to an applicant in November become more so by the time February rolls around, and new perspectives gained through the interview experience can change priorities. Our residents and faculty want to help students make the best choice for them, as ultimately this is best for residency programs.

A second visit to meet additional residents and faculty or to get another perspective after you've visited all the programs sometimes helps decision-making. Second visits are generally not formally structured days - in past years applicants have spent time on the inpatient teaching service, met with our program director or another faculty member, and other activities. Second visits can last 30 minutes or 8 hours - it's up to you. If you would like a second visit please contact the Residency Office and indicate how we can make the day worthwhile for you.

Often an onsite second visit is just not practical for a senior medical student, particularly those students that are living far from Boston. We therefore welcome applicants calling and emailing any resident or faculty member after your interview day if this would be helpful.