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Resident as Teacher

Internal Medicine Residency Curriculum - Resident as Teacher

Our residents have many diverse opportunities to hone their skills as teachers during the course of training. Program directors and expert teaching faculty lead several seminars that guide residents in the concepts of teaching and learning theory during our annual second-year resident retreat and during a summer Resident As Teacher seminar series for junior and senior residents. Residents then have the unique opportunity to practice and refine these skills as they take on the role of teacher in many different venues:

The Ambulatory Teaching Resident (ATR)

Every second- and third-year resident in the program has the opportunity to be the ATR during an ambulatory rotation each year. The role of the ATR is to develop a 45-minute case-based morning report conference four days/week during the two week ambulatory rotation. These teaching seminars are attended by 8 resident colleagues and a faculty member. Residents are mentored by a member of our expert teaching faculty in developing the teaching cases, and in using and practicing teaching skills during these sessions.

“Bring Backs”

Interns and residents across all levels of training are required to present at weekly clinic conferences. These short teaching sessions are inspired by clinical questions that have arisen for our trainees during the routine care of ambulatory patients. Residents prepare a 10-15 minute case or topic-based talk for their co-residents and teaching faculty at their clinic sites.