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Information Regarding Training for AMBIANCE Coding

Three-day training sessions with follow-up reliability tapes are offered by the lab periodically to researchers interested in using the Atypical Maternal Behavior Instrument for Assessment and Classification (AMBIANCE) measure in their own work. These can be conducted either on-site or at Dr. Lyons-Ruth's lab in Cambridge, MA.

The training workshop for coding the AMBIANCE interaction measure takes three days, carefully going over a set of training tapes with Drs. Elisa Bronfman, Sheri Madigan, and Lyons-Ruth. 18 training tapes are then provided to participants to take home and code, with coded transcripts provided. When those training tapes are completed, 18 reliability tapes are provided without coded transcripts to be coded blind. Scores are sent to Dr. Lyons-Ruth for reliability computation.

A number of coders internationally have achieved reliability through this training process. It is also possible for already trained coders to code videotapes from other labs for a fee, if desired. More information regarding training and fees can be obtained from Dr. Lyons-Ruth (klruth@hms.harvard.edu) or Dr. Madigan (sheri.madigan@ucalgary.ca).