In the second half of the PGY1 year, residents in psychiatry begin "buddy call" for psychiatric emergency services. This allows for the learning of basic emergency psychiatry skills for after hours care in an extremely busy psychiatric emergency service. PGY2 and 3 residents work side by side with the PGY1's, teaching and monitoring the work to prepare residents to begin solo call at the beginning of the PGY2 year.


During PGY2, residents also begin after-hour coverage in psychiatry. On-call hospital and emergency room coverage for nights and weekends occurs on average once every eleven days. Residents begin their teaching and supervision of other residents and medical students in psychiatric emergency services. Residents in good standing have the option of joining the back-up coverage pool at the Cambridge Hospital campus.


Call continues throughout the PGY3 year.


There is no overnight call in the PGY4 year. However, 4th year residents serve as the senior on call (SOC) to provide back-up support and supervision for the Psychiatry resident on call (DOC) two non-consecutive weeks out of the year. PGY-4’s always have an attending backing them up.