FM Resident Accepted to Sports Medicine Fellowship at Boston Children's Hospital

We recently heard the EXCITING NEWS that Bobbi Dennison, currently a PGY-3 in our program, has matched for the highly competitive Harvard Boston Children's Hospital Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship!

As some of you are aware there are fellowship opportunities after completing a family medicine residency in which a doctor can get additional skills and credentials in a particular area of interest. Bobbi will be joining the team at Boston Children's Hospital after she graduates from our program in June to grow her expertise and experience in treating non-surgical orthopedic injuries and musculoskeletal conditions.

Bobbi came to our program from Harvard Medical School and will now be returning to the Longwood area to spread the Family Medicine gospel as she engages in this compelling work and training. We are deeply proud of you Bobbi. Your success is also our success!

Gregory Sawin, MD, MPH
Program Director