CHA Diversity Council

A Message from the Diversity Council

CHA Diversity Triple Aim Goals
Thank you for visiting the diversity website for Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA). This page describes our efforts to be a leader in diversity among health care providers - providing a welcoming environment and culturally competent patient care while being a model employer for diversity in the workplace.

Our vision is to be the premier academic public health care system in the nation. We achieve that by living our mission each day: improving the health of our communities. It’s this focus on community-based, patient-centered care that sets us apart. It challenges us to focus on the needs of individuals with a deep understanding of their culture, language and preferences.

At the core of our diversity strategy is a commitment to our triple aim of inclusion, equity and excellence. These principles guide the decisions of our organization and help us adequately address the needs of our patients and employees.

We are particularly proud of our patient services team and the depth of experience that our multi-cultural teams provide. At CHA, diversity is not just an afterthought. It’s the building block of how we design programs and services that benefit patients. We strive to set the bar in this area and welcome job candidates who share this vision.

Diversity Council Goals


  • Provide culturally and linguistically appropriate care
  • Eliminate disparities in access, care, outcomes and satisfaction for our patients


  • Create welcoming environments for all patients/employees
  • Celebrate the diversity of our workforce
  • Recruit a workforce reflecting the communities we serve


  • Integrate diversity goals into our metrics
  • Develop diverse members on our boards – both Advisory and Trustees

CHA’s Diversity Council also aims to build its strategy around the core CHA “CIRCLE” values of Community, Integrity, Respect, Compassion, Learning and Excellence.

Provide highest quality of care to all patients while striving to eliminate disparities (in access, care, outcomes and satisfaction) for underserved populations
Integrity Ensuring recruitment and retention of a diverse and talented workforce reflecting the communities served
Respect Fostering a culture that embraces respect for the diversity & inclusion of our patients and workforce
Compassion Commitment to tailor our health care delivery model to the needs of our patients
Learning Education and training of all employees on the Business, Legal and Ethical rationale for diversity & inclusion
Excellence Approach to diversity & inclusion shall be based on national best practices

Diversity Council Activities

CHA’s Diversity Council is an active cross-departmental group that sponsors a number of events and activities throughout the year.

Black History Month Celebrations

CHA Diversity celebrate Black History MonthIn honor of Black History Month each February, the Diversity Council hosts a number of events and activities to celebrate African-American heritage and contributions of African Americans to the CHA community. Annual activities include staff education, trivia contests, a diversity lecture series and performances by the Never Say Never musical soul and jazz group.

International Deaf Awareness Week

The Diversity Council sponsors International Deaf Awareness Week each September with a series of events and activities to raise awareness about the special needs of our deaf patients. Activities include Deaf Awareness Educational Kiosks, meet and greet with American Sign Language interpreters and a special presentation on communication styles within the Deaf community and the institutional resources needed to provide fully accessible care.

National Hispanic Heritage Month

In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15), the Diversity Council hosts with a series of events and activities to celebrate Hispanic heritage and the contributions of Latinos to the CHA community. Annual activities include staff education, trivia contests, and a special presentation on collaborative community building.

A Focus on Arab-American Health Care

Arab American healthcare The Diversity Council sponsors an annual event on health care for Arab American patients, with special presentations on the unique cultural characteristics and care preferences of this patient population group.

Participation in the Boston PRIDE Parade

CHA Diversity team celebrates Boston PRIDEThe Diversity Council is a proud supporter of the Boston PRIDE parade, marching alongside members of the CHA LGBTQ employee affinity group to show support for those identifying as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Queer. The Diversity Council also sponsors workforce education programs on LGBTQ health and patient rights.

Estelle Paris Advanced Nursing Practice Scholarship

CHA Diversity Estelle Paris Nursing AwardThe Diversity Council, in partnership with the Human Resources and Nursing Education departments, facilitates a scholarship competition for CHA’s nurses. Four scholarships of $1,125 each are available to benefit-eligible nurses pursuing bachelors, masters or doctoral degrees in nursing. The scholarships are given in honor of Estelle Paris, RN-C, ANP, a former member of the Cambridge Health Alliance Board and a nurse practitioner who retired after more than twenty years of service in neighborhood health centers in Cambridge. Winners are selected on the basis of a strong academic record, financial need, community involvement, and a demonstrated commitment to diversity and the elimination of disparities in healthcare.

Project SEARCH

CHA has partnered with Project SEARCH, a business-led internship program for individuals with disabilities designed to provide transferable job skills necessary to gain competitive employment in the community. Over the course of 10 months, interns rotate through three 10-week long internships within CHA, while participating in one hour of instruction on employ-ability skills led by The Carroll Center for the Blind staff. Job coaches are on site to provide support and guidance as the intern embarks on the new rotations. The sole definition of a successful outcome at the conclusion of the program is competitive employment in an integrated setting for each Project SEARCH intern including year-round work at least 20 hours per week at minimum wage or higher.