GAGE Award Remarkable Project recipient, Somerville High School Dental Health Program


The CHA Foundation in collaboration with the Department of Community Health Improvement and the Board Committee on Population Health was recently notified that CHA was selected as a Gage Award Remarkable Project recipient and would be featured at the VITAL2019 conference being held in June. CHA's project, School-based Dental Clinic: A Care Model for Immigrant Communities, is a volunteer-run partnership between CHA, Somerville High School, ForsythKids, and Harvard Dental School. With support from its partners, CHA established an in-school dental clinic in September of 2017 to provide students no-cost preventive dental care and referrals to no-cost restorative dental services. As of April 2018, more than 70 students received care in or were connected to care through the school-based clinic.

The prestigious Gage Awards program recognizes America’s Essential Hospitals members for successful improvement and change projects; spreads best practices and innovative programs to other organizations; and supports the association's research, policy, and advocacy work. Gage Awards for population health recognize programs that aim to improve specific health outcomes for a defined population or community by targeting the social and economic factors that influence health.