CHA Recognized for Video Interpreting and Online Dispatch Services


CHA receives an Amerinet Healthcare Achievement Award for technological improvements to our medical interpreting services.

CHA recognizes that getting the best possible care means that providers and patients need to be able to communicate effectively. When language is a barrier, trained medical interpreters are critical to the process. 
To improve our services, CHA implemented video interpreting and an online dispatch service that has significantly reduced wait times while increasing access to interpreters at all points of care. We were honored to receive an Amerinet Healthcare Achievement Award for these technological improvements.

Video interpreting lets patients get an interpreter quickly at more than 15 CHA community locations and still provides all the visual benefits of in-person interpreting. The online interpreter request system has allowed CHA to redeploy interpreters into the field, ultimately increasing staffing by 80 hours/week. This allows CHA to continue meeting the rising demand for interpreter services and provide more efficient and safer patient care.