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  • Apr 07, 2020

Everything is Canceled: Surviving a Teenage Quarantine Life [Part 2]

Staying inside and safe doesn't mean being bored.

By Community Health Improvement Staff.

Now that you know more about COVID-19, your role as a teen, and what to do from our first blog, it’s important to focus on managing and developing coping strategies while in quarantine. While it’s uncertain when we’ll be able to go back to school, sports, see friends, and other activities, we can use this time to take care of ourselves in mind and body. Social distancing can be difficult and may feel isolating. Here’s how you can stay connected while staying physically apart. Here are some ideas to get started, and maybe even try something new!

Ideas for Self-Care:

Now’s the time to stay inside and be safe. It’s a historic moment. You got this.

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