Addiction Medicine Fellowship

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Mary Cassesso Addiction Medicine Fellowship

This 1-year Fellowship will prepare you to become Board certified in Addiction Medicine (and hopefully nourish your passions/interests and have fun along the way!)

We take applicants from: Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, OB, Peds, & Emergency Medicine.

The Addiction Medicine Fellowship group photoOverview

Clinical Care and Service

  • OUTPATIENT SUD clinics in various settings (FM, IM, Psychiatry)
  • Institutional Mission of Health Equity & Advocacy
  • Vulnerable populations/Group-based treatment
  • Interdisciplinary team collaborative models
  • Primary Care Behavioral Health Integration
  • Teaching opportunities with residents and students
  • Direct mentorship tailored to the Fellows’ interests

Other Opportunities

  • SUD clinics in primary care and outpatient psychiatry
  • Methadone program
  • Group Based Outpatient Treatment (run weekly groups for patients on buprenorphine)
  • Interdisciplinary outpatient consult service that serves complex patients with pain & addiction
  • E-consultations to providers around pain and addiction
  • Primary care clinic
  • Adolescent Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) at Boston Children’s Hospital (For family physicians)
  • Inpatient consultation service in an underserved community
  • Weekly learning sessions with nearby fellowships
  • Independent QI/Research project
  • LOTS of electives to choose from!
  • Academic and networking skills-building
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