Resident as Teacher Conference

Residents need teaching and managerial skills to do their job effectively. We have summer session at beginning of second year to help with this transition.

Every Wednesday morning until Labor Day, junior and senior residents meet for an hour to discuss and learn new skills. The topics of discussion are venues where residents have to perform as teachers or managers. The session allows exploration of teaching-learning and leadership-management concepts, as well as discovery of best practices with PGY3 also sharing their experiences.

After Labor Day, Medicine Grand rounds occur on Wednesday mornings.

The following topics were covered this year.

  • Planning your R3 year
  • Setting goals and expectations with your ward team
  • Teaching on the wards: barriers and solutions
  • Teaching medical students using six microskills 
  • How to plan a successful Journal club
  • Giving and receiving effective feedback
  • Balancing autonomy and supervision in training-work environment
  • Becoming a better teacher by better observation
  • Microteaching workshop
  • Participating effectively in multidisciplinary rounds